Who is a Travelpreneur?

Who is a Travelpreneur?

Travelpreneur is person who chose location independent enterprise and travelling is a lifestyle for him\her or we can say A Travelpreneur is someone who embraces the concept of Travelpreneurship. A travelpreneur is someone that owns a profitable business that is NOT restricted to a certain location.

What is the Travelpreneur project?

We help entrepreneurs start and grow online business! We work side-by-side with you and break down key business activities into building blocks so you can build your business from the ground up with the best foundation.

Is Inteletravel a MLM?

Inteletravel is a work-at-home MLM travel agency franchise. The company claims that anyone can start their own travel agency business from the comfort of their own home and earn a commission on every booking they make.

How much does it cost to join the Inteletravel UK?

To join, the cost is a one-off set-up fee of £142, plus £32 a month. Agents earn 70% of the commission (less non-commissionable elements), increasing to 80% once you reach an income threshold.

How much is InteleTravel monthly?

Your very own InteleTravel ITA personalized website. The monthly administration fee is $39.95. Earn travel commissions. Guaranteed best prices & VIP travel benefits.

Do people make money on InteleTravel?

Whether you book the hotel rooms, car rentals, airline tickets, travel insurance, tours and/or vacation packages for a client, you will earn commissions with InteleTravel based on how much you sell. Most of InteleTravel’s top industry travel suppliers pay you between 14% to 28% commission per transaction.

Is InteleTravel a pyramid scheme?

But an InteleTravel spokeswoman strongly refuted claims it was a multi-level marketing business, or pyramid scheme, which involves paying members to recruit others into the scheme rather than selling products.

Can I make money with InteleTravel?

Can you make money with InteleTravel?


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