Who invented Christie suspension?

Who invented Christie suspension?

John Walter Christie
J. Walter Christie

John Walter Christie
Born May 6, 1865 Campbell-Christie House New Milford, New Jersey
Died January 11, 1944 (aged 78) Falls Church, Virginia
Nationality American
Known for Christie suspension, front wheel drive, BT Tank

Is the Christie suspension still used?

Today no one uses Christie suspension. Most uses Torsion bar suspension and a few hydro pneumatic suspension. No tank after Comet and T-34 ever used Christie suspension.

Did the t34 have Christie suspension?

The real Christie suspension was used only on a few designs, notably the Soviet BT tanks and T-34, the British Cruiser tanks, including the A13’s: Cruiser Mk III, Cruiser Mk IV, Covenanter, Crusader, Cromwell and the Comet, as well as some experimental Polish and Italian designs.

What suspension do modern tanks use?

Most modern tanks use torsion bars but many older tanks do not. They use torsion bars.

What suspension did the T-34 use?

The T-34 had the coil- spring Christie suspension of the BT, but dispensed with the weighty but ineffective convertible drive. It had well- sloped armour, a relatively powerful engine, and wide tracks. The initial version had a 76.2mm gun, and is often called T-34/76 (originally a World War II German designation).

How does torsion bar suspension work on tanks?

A torsion bar suspension, also known as a torsion spring suspension, is any vehicle suspension that uses a torsion bar as its main weight-bearing spring. Vertical motion of the wheel causes the bar to twist around its axis and is resisted by the bar’s torsion resistance.

What type of suspension do tanks use?

Most modern tanks use torsion bars but many older tanks do not. They use torsion bars. @https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/To… . Each road wheel is attached to a flexible steel bar, which allows it to move independently, and takes up very little space inside the vehicle.

What is the best tank suspension?

One of the smoothest options is the hydrogas system such as found on Challenger 2. It’s a tad expensive and requires high-pressure gasses to operate, in theory making it more vulnerable than most, but takes up no internal room and is very comfortable and easy on the tank crew and systems.

What suspension did the t34 use?

Is the T-34 A Russian tank?

The T-34/76 was a Russian medium tank which first saw service in 1940. It had a truly long lasting impact on the battlefield, with an impressive balance of firepower, armour protection and mobility.

Do all cars have torsion bars?

Do all cars have torsion bars? – Quora. Not at all, though a torsion bar suspension has been around far longer than I have and they were common on many cars when rear wheel drive was the predominant form of propulsion as compared to front wheel drive.

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