Who founded the Indian Languages newspapers Association?

Who founded the Indian Languages newspapers Association?

Q. Who founded the Indian Languages Newspapers Association?
B. bal gangadhar tilak
C. mammen mappillai
D. amritlal seth
Answer» b. bal gangadhar tilak

What is the main objective of ILNA?

One broad objective for the ILNA is to build language newspapers as a brand for the advertisers and the advertising agencies. The Indian Language Newspaper Association (ILNA) is taking various steps to bring forth the strength of the language newspapers in India.

Who is controlling Indian media?

BSNL controls 79% of fixed line share in the country.

Who monitors the print media in India?

The Press Council of India has issued the “Norms of Journalistic Conduct”, which is one of two journalism-related codes in use in India.

Which was the oldest English daily newspaper in India?

Bengal Gazette was the first English Newspaper of India.

Who is known as Indian Gutenberg?

Bustamante was among the two most important Europeans to play a role in the history of printing in India, along with his colleague João Gonçalves, another Spaniard by birth, who is credited with casting and preparing the first printing types of an Indian script – Tamil – in Goa in 1577, with the assistance of the …

Which of the following was not the objective of Indian National Army *?

Detailed Solution. The correct answer is To gain independence from British rule. Indian National Congress was formed in 1885 by A.O. Hume.

Who is one Joao Bustamante?

Brother João de Bustamante or Juan de Bustamante (born 1536 – August 23, 1588), also known as ‘the Indian Gutenberg’, was a Spanish missionary who inaugurated the first era of print in India, specifically in the Portuguese colony of Goa.

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