Who does Dal Mi end up with?

Who does Dal Mi end up with?

Played by Kim Seon Ho, the character possed a better chance at ending up with Suzy’s Seo Dal Mi. However, the character ended up with Nam Joo Hyuk’s Nam Do San. While this led to a divide among the show’s fandom, Kim Seon Ho reveals he’s not disappointed with the ending.

What is the real name of Dan SAE in hwarang?


Seo Yea-Ji Jo Yoon-Woo Kim Hyun-Joon
Princess Sookmyung Yeo Wool Rang Dan Se

Who is the villain in hwarang?

Queen Ji So from “Hwarang” Of all the crazy mothers in the K-drama universe, Queen Ji So (Kim Ji Soo) in “Hwarang” definitely deserves a prequel. For the majority of the story, Ji So treats everyone around her like pawns on a chessboard.

Who is go Hae Ri in Vagabond?

Bae Suzy
Vagabond (TV Series 2019) – Bae Suzy as Go Hae Ri – IMDb.

Who wanted revenge in Start-Up?

On the other hand, we finally know who the mystery man is, who had entered Sand Box to get revenge for his brother’s death. It’s unsurprisingly Kim Yong-san (Kim Do-wan) and the person he wants revenge from is Ji-pyeong, whom he confronts in the elevator almost choking him.

Who is the girl on the swing in Start-Up?

You are the logo She tells Yoon Seon-hak that Dal-mi is the girl on the swing, not her. The next day, Yoon Seon-hak speaks to Dal-mi about the logo; how she knew her father and how he inspired her. She brings up fried chicken and remembers the time that her father asked about a chicken place nearby.

Who are Dogbirds parents?

King Jinhueng was Queen Jiso’s real brother. Dog Bird’s biological mother was a Wonhwa and was killed by the queen itself in order to save the throne for his son when his mother was expecting Dog Bird. Even though Dog Bird’s mother died, King Jinheung was able to save his son.

Who is Dog Bird’s father?

Ah-Ro’s brother, Sun-Woo, and their mother were banished into exile by the Queen, who was in love with their father. Dog Bird, who grew up thinking he was a peasant, is actually the son of the Queen’s brother, Hwi-Kyung, who was the former Crown Prince of Silla.

Who is Dog bird mother?

Is the k2 happy ending?

The video ends with a shot of Je-ha saying, “I swear.” Cast member Chang-wook had once said that the relationship between the onscreen couple could end on a sad note. “Their relationship will be rather sad. We will probably get to watch sad romance towards the end,” he told reporters during a press conference.

Is Cha Dal-geon a soldier?

Dal-geon, who is left to die in a warehouse is unexpectedly saved by Lilly (Park Ah-In), who happens to be a mercenary who works for Jessica. Hae-ri is unaware of Dal-geon’s plans and believes that he is dead and so she decides to become a lobbyist with Jessica’s help to exact revenge against Park.

Who is Jerome Vagabond?

Teo Yoo
Teo Yoo as Jerome, a former mercenary involved in the crash of the B357 plane, alongside Kim Woo-gi.

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