Who died on the 22nd of July?

Who died on the 22nd of July?

Next most famous people who died on July 22

  • #2 Charles VII of France. Tuesday, February 22, 1403 – Monday, July 22, 1461.
  • #3 George Shaw. Friday, December 10, 1751 – Thursday, July 22, 1813.
  • #4 Carl Sandburg.
  • #5 Li Peng.
  • #6 Gaspar de Guzmán, Count-Duke of Olivares.
  • #7 Napoleon II.
  • #8 John Dillinger.
  • #9 Reginald Fessenden.

Who died on October 22?

Next most famous people who died on October 22

  • #2 Louis Althusser. Wednesday, October 16, 1918 – Monday, October 22, 1990.
  • #3 Arnold J. Toynbee.
  • #4 Théophile Gautier. Friday, August 30, 1811 – Tuesday, October 22, 1872.
  • #5 Edward Carson.
  • #6 Kingsley Amis.
  • #7 Pablo Casals.
  • #8 Roderick Murchison.
  • #9 Andrew Fisher.

Who died on May 22?

Next most famous people who died on May 22

  • #2 Langston Hughes. Saturday, February 1, 1902 – Monday, May 22, 1967.
  • #3 Martin Gardner. Wednesday, October 21, 1914 – Saturday, May 22, 2010.
  • #4 Philip Roth.
  • #5 Alessandro Manzoni.
  • #6 James Forrestal.
  • #7 Pope Alexander VII.
  • #8 Martha Washington.
  • #9 Ferdinand II of the Two Sicilies.

Is July 22 a special day?

National Hammock Day is celebrated every year on July 22 to commemorate the universal symbol for relaxation. Developed by the Mayans of Central and South America for sleeping or resting, a hammock is a sling made of fabric, rope or netting, which is suspended between two points such as posts or trees.

What is special about 22nd July?

22 July – Pi Approximation Day Pi Approximation Day is observed on 22 July every year because of the value of Pi that is 22/7.

What big things happened in 1993?

What happened in 1993 Major News Stories include Pentium microprocessor introduced, Islamic Fundamentalists bomb World Trade Center, US and Russia sign the Start II treaty, Beanie Babies go on sale, Federal Agents raid religious cult in Waco TX, Earthquake and Tsunami Japan, Brush Fires destroy world’s second largest …

Is October 22 a special day?

National Nut Day is observed annually on October 22nd. This day is NOT about the neighbor that lives down the street or the co-worker who sings with their headphones on. It is a food holiday celebrating a healthy and nutritious snack.

What is special about May 22nd?

This Day in History: May 22 On this day in 337, Constantine the Great, who had practiced Christianity since his youth and sparked its growth into a world religion, became on his deathbed the first Roman emperor to be baptized in the Christian church.

Is May 22 a special day?

Each year on May 22nd, National Maritime Day recognizes the launch of the maritime industry in the United States. The celebration also honors America’s Merchant Marines for their contributions and sacrifices for our country.

Who are some famous people that died in 1993?

Famous People Who Died in 1993 1 Jan 1 June Clayworth, American actress (Bodyguard, Criminal Court), dies of lymphoma at 87 2 Jan 1 Phyllis Hill, American dancer & actress (Singing in the Dark), dies of lung cancer at 72 More

What happened in the year 1993 in history?

November 4 – Jean Chretien becomes the 20th Prime Minister of Canada. November 5 – The Parliament of the United Kingdom passes the Railways Act 1993, setting out the procedures for privatisation of British Rail. November 9 – Bosnian Croat forces destroy the Stari Most, or Old Bridge of Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina, by tank fire.

What happened in 1993 in the Atlantic Ocean?

January 8 – 17 – The Braer Storm of January 1993, the most intense extratropical cyclone on record for the northern Atlantic Ocean, occurs. The Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC) is signed. U.S. Navy, Air Force, R.A.F. and French jets attack air defence sites in Southern Iraq in response to violations of the 32nd Parallel by Iraq.

What happened in the 1993 Australian federal election?

March 13 – 1993 Australian federal election: Paul Keating ‘s Labor Government is re-elected with an increased majority, defeating the Liberal / National Coalition led by John Hewson. March 17 – The Kurdistan Workers’ Party announces a unilateral ceasefire in Iraq.

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