Who did the Packers lose to in 2015 playoffs?

Who did the Packers lose to in 2015 playoffs?

Arizona Cardinals
As a result, the fifth-seeded Packers traveled to Washington to face the fourth-seeded Redskins in the Wild Card round. They beat the Redskins 35–18, and then traveled to Arizona for a rematch against the second-seeded Arizona Cardinals, where the Packers’ season ended as they lost to the Cardinals in overtime, 20–26.

How many times has Aaron Rodgers been in the playoffs?

Rodgers has fallen short in the playoffs nine times since winning MVP honors in Super Bowl XLV.

How many times has Green Bay been in the playoffs?

Which team has the most playoff appearances in NFL history? The Green Bay Packers have historically dominated the postseason with a league-leading 34 playoff appearances.

How many Super Bowls was Aaron Rodgers in?

Rodgers has not advanced to the Super Bowl in each of his last nine playoff appearances, only having one Super Bowl appearance in his career.

Who did Aaron Rodgers lose to in the playoffs?

the San Francisco 49ers
Late-night talk show hosts picked up where Twitter left off when it came to throwing punches at Aaron Rodgers after the Green Bay Packers’ season-ending loss to the San Francisco 49ers in the NFC divisional round game Saturday at Lambeau Field.

How long is the Green Bay Packers season ticket waiting list?

Annual postcard sent out by the Green Bay Packers organization to those on the waiting list for season tickets. The Green Bay Packers have the longest waiting list, with more than 100,000 names. The team’s website says the wait is 30 years.

Who is number 21 on the Green Bay Packers?

Number 21 has become something of a prime number for the Green Bay Packers. That is not the case in the mathematical sense, of course, but rather in that the number has become synonymous with talented defensive backs. Now, 21 belongs to the team’s newest cornerback, first-round draft pick Eric Stokes.

What channel is the Green Bay Packers game on?

The team’s intra-squad Lambeau scrimmage at the beginning of the season, which is marketed as Packers Family Night, is broadcast by WITI (Channel 6) in Milwaukee, and produced by WLUK (Channel 11) in Green Bay, both Fox affiliates which broadcast the bulk of the team’s regular season games.

What is the Green Bay Packers’ all time record?

Green Bay Packers Franchise Encyclopedia. Seasons: 101 (1921 to 2021) Record (W-L-T): 769-577-38 Playoff Record: 36-24. Super Bowls Won: 4 (5 Appearances) Championships Won *: 13 All-time Passing Leader: Brett Favre 5,377/8,754, 61,655 yds, 442 TD All-time Rushing Leader: Ahman Green 1,851 att, 8,322 yds, 54 TD

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