Who did the album covers for Yes?

Who did the album covers for Yes?

Roger Dean
To fans of prog rock, Roger Dean is an art icon, his work gracing the cover of numerous albums by bands from Gentle Giant to Uriah Heep, but mostly Yes and the band that grew out of it, Asia.

Who is on the Eagles Desperado album cover?

Desperado remains the only Eagles album where the band members appear on the front cover. L-R are Randy Meisner, Glenn Frey, Don Henley, Bernie Leadon.

Did Phil Hartman designed album covers?

Before his comic career took off, Phil Hartman was a working graphic designer. In the decade that followed, Hartman designed over 40 record covers for bands such as America, Poco, Steely Dan, and the Firesign Theatre comedy group. He even designed the crazy Celtic-style logo for Crosby, Stills, and Nash.

Who made Meeks album cover?

Nina Chanel Abney
However, supporters are pointing out that the cover art for Expensive Pain was created by Nina Chanel Abney, an African American artist based in New York. She creates contemporary art, boldly exploring race, gender, politics and pop society via her works painted on large canvasses.

What is the Eagles album cover?

The front cover is a photograph of the Beverly Hills Hotel by David Alexander. Hotel California topped the US Billboard Top LPs & Tapes chart. At the 20th Grammy Awards, the Eagles won a Grammy Award for “Hotel California”, which won Record of the Year, and for “New Kid in Town”.

Who did the artwork on Eagles albums?

Art director Gary Burden designed the ‘Eagles’ album cover to open up into a four-panel poster, with the gatefold image of the band around a campfire sitting below the front and back cover images. “But David Geffen thought that would be confusing,” explained photograher Henry Diltz in ‘History of the Eagles.

Who designed the album cover for Poco?

Phil Hartman
The cover art for Legend was done by Phil Hartman, the brother of Poco manager John Hartmann; Phil Hartman worked as a graphic designer creating album covers for his brother’s clients (including America) while attempting to break out as a comic.

How many album covers did Phil Hartman?

During Hartman’s life time, he designed over 40 record covers for various bands. His most notable designs can be found on the covers of popular artists such as Crosby, Stills, and Nash.

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