Who bought Kokoda caravans?

Who bought Kokoda caravans?

the Price family
The Kokoda brand was established in 2011 and the Price family purchased Kokoda Caravans in 2019.

Are Kokoda caravans in liquidation?

Prominent local caravan brand Kokoda, along with its stablemates Dreamseeker and Grand Salute sold under the Aussie Adventure Caravans umbrella, has gone into voluntary administration.

What happened to Kokoda caravans?

Kokoda, a leading Australian caravan brand have been acquired by a new owner, and are looking forward to bringing a new lease on life. Over the past 8 years Kokoda’s community have grown significantly, owners and followers around Australia continue to travel and connect and are now well-known as Kokodians.

Are Kokoda caravans made in Australia?

Kokoda Caravans are made right here in Australia in top factories by highly experienced craftsman. Kokoda vans are premium quality and unbeatable value. Compare the range to other similar vans that competitors offer and you’ll see that you’ll be saving thousands.

What is the best caravan brand in Australia?

In an open-road market, Jayco has topped Canstar Blue’s first ever customer satisfaction ratings for caravans and motorhomes in 2019. It earned five-star reviews for value for money, interior, features & amenities, ease of towing/driving, cost of running and overall satisfaction.

Which caravan brands are made in China?

While most Chinese-imported RVs are the smaller and lighter camper trailers, the number of Chinese caravans and hybrids available is steadily increasing, thanks to more brands like Goldstar, Snowy River, MDC, Mars, EzyTrail and Fantasy entering the market, while some Aussie manufacturers like Roma have dipped their …

What is the most luxurious caravan in Australia?

Kedron TE7 TOPENDER – When money is no concern This impressive beast is the ultimate in caravan luxury. Kedron’s triple-axle off-road caravan is definitely Australia’s most decadent.

Are JB caravans made in China?

JB Caravans | Luxury Caravan Manufacturer. 100% Australian Made.

How long has JB Caravans been around?

In a speech, JB Caravans founder Alex Pi recalled how the company had “started from scratch” in 2010, building one caravan a month, and grown to today become “one of the fastest growing caravan manufacturers (in Australia)” including seven factory-owned dealerships across the country.

What is the Kokoda Aussie Spirit?

The Aussie Spirit is compact van that allows you to travel the country with peace of mind. The Aussie Spirit comes standard with countless state-of-the-art features. Big Payload Capacity! Kokoda Aussie Spirit Caravan Review If playback doesn’t begin shortly, try restarting your device.

Who is the owner of Kokoda Spirit?

Kokoda Spirit…… has been trekking the Kokoda Trail since 2004 and has successfully led more than 8900 trekkers across the Kokoda Trail and we run more than 50 plus Kokoda Trail tours a year. Kurt Fearnley talks about his Kokoda trek with Kokoda Spirit and Kokoda Spirit Owner Wayne Wetherall.

What is trekking the Kokoda Trail?

Trekking the Kokoda Trail is a right of passage an iconic part of our Australian history and heritage. When you walk the Kokoda Trail with all its obstacles and challenges you feel the aura and spirit of the young men who defeated an enemy, an enemy who had never been conquered, an enemy that had never tasted defeat.

Why choose Kokoda?

Nothing was too much trouble. We are very happy with the quality of our build. The quality and smart streamlined look. Spacious inside and great colours and floorplans. Love our Kokoda. Get in touch with one of our friendly staff.


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