Who attempts to kill Creon?

Who attempts to kill Creon?

Sentence of Creon However, Antigone had already hanged herself on the way to her burial. When Creon arrived at the tomb where she was to be left, his son Haemon threatens him and tries to kill him, but ends up taking his own life. Creon’s wife Eurydice, informed of Haemon’s death, took her own life in grief.

What does the sentry tell Creon has happened to Polyneices body?

The sentry tells the Chorus that Antigone is the culprit in the illegal burial of Polynices and calls for Creon. When Creon enters, the sentry tells him that after he and the other sentries dug up the rotting body, a sudden dust storm blinded them.

Who is the tragic hero in Antigone quizlet?


What does Ismene do when she is brought before Creon?

What does Ismene do when she is brought before Creon? She tries to take some of the blame for burying Polyneices. What does Ismene argue about with Antigone to try to convince Creon not to kill her. That Antigone is Haemon’s betrothed, and thus Creon’s future daughter -in-law.

Why does the messenger say that Creon has lost all?

What does the messenger say Creon has lost from his life? Joy of a family and subjects that respected him. You just studied 23 terms!

What advice does Tiresias give to Creon?

Teiresias tells Creon, “You stand once more on the edge of fate.” Teiresias tells Creon that he has made a mistake in not allowing the body of Polyneices to be buried, that this act has separated them from the gods: “The gods are deaf when we pray to them, their fire / Recoils from our offering, their birds of omen / …

Why did Creon change Antigone’s punishment?

Why does Creon change the punishment? Creon believes that if Antigone is allowed to starve to death, he and the state are not really killing her, and the gods will not be angry with him. They think Creon is being too harsh, and that he should allow Antigone to bury her brother.

What did Tiresias warn Creon about?

Tiresias warns Creon that he is at a turning point, and that Polynices’s body must be buried to appease the gods and protect Thebes from their wrath. Tiresias tells Creon not to be stubborn in his decision to refuse to bury Polynices. Instead, he should see himself as only human and capable of making mistakes.

Why does Tiresias the blind prophet come to speak to King Creon?

Who is the blind prophet who comes to speak to King Creon? Teiresias. What does the prophet claim can be done to repair the evil performed against the gods? To give in and yield to what Crean has done- he needs to repair the evil with the gods.

Who is the tragic hero in Antigone?

Creon is often mentioned as the tragic hero in Antigone, the third of the Theban plays.

What punishment does Antigone receive for disobeying Creon?

After Creon discovers that Antigone has buried Polyneices, though, he decides not to have her stoned, but that he will “hide her in a cavern in the rocks / while still alive”. Thus, it appears that Antigone will starve to death. Eventually, though, Antigone will kill herself.

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