Who are The New York Times editors?

Who are The New York Times editors?

Dean Baquet. Executive Editor.

  • Meredith Kopit Levien. President and Chief Executive Officer.
  • Jacqueline M. Welch.
  • Meghan Louttit. Deputy Editor, Digital News Design.
  • Philip B. Corbett.
  • Lian Chang. Product Design Director, Multimedia.
  • Monica Drake. Assistant Managing Editor.
  • Diane Brayton.
  • How do I submit an op ed to The New York Times?

    To send a letter, e-mail [email protected] To reach the Times editorial board, e-mail [email protected] To reach Op-Docs, e-mail [email protected] To contact The Times about a factual error in an Opinion article or editorial, e-mail [email protected]

    How much does an editor at NYT make?

    Average The New York Times Editor yearly pay in the United States is approximately $126,030, which is 135% above the national average.

    Who is the executive editor of The New York Times?

    Dean Baquet
    Dean Baquet is executive editor of The New York Times, a position he assumed in May 2014. Mr. Baquet serves in the highest ranked position in The Times’s newsroom and oversees The New York Times news report in all its various forms. Before being named executive editor, Mr.

    Who is the editor in chief of the Times?

    John Witherow (born 20 January 1952) is a British newspaper editor, currently with The Times.

    Does the New York Times accept submissions?

    The New York Times accepts opinion articles on any topic. The suggested length is 650 words, but submissions of any length will be considered. We read all submissions promptly and will contact you within 10 business days if we are going to run your piece. We regret that we cannot phone rejections.

    What does a NY Times editor do?

    The editors on the Flex desk serve as a kind of last defense before Times journalism reaches readers, making the language clearer, catching mistakes in articles, headlines, captions, videos — you name it — and maintaining Times standards in style and grammar.

    Does the NY Times pay well?

    The New York Times is hiring for more than 300 positions across editorial, strategy and operations, and more. Based on the data, the Times offered from late 2019 through late 2021 annual base salaries ranging from $70,000 to $306,000, for various roles in editorial, advertising, data, engineering, and more.

    Who is the editor of The Sunday Times?

    Emma Tucker
    Emma Tucker (born 1966 or 1967) is an English journalist. She is the editor of The Sunday Times, having succeeded Martin Ivens in January 2020.

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