Which way do you install OSB?

Which way do you install OSB?

OSB roof panels should always be installed with the grade stamp facing into the attic and the screened surface (with the nail guide lines) facing up. When the grade stamp is covered by roofing, the building inspector will not be able to confirm that the correct OSB roofing panel was used.

Does OSB have to be installed a certain way?

Strategic placement of these panels, supported by their structural frame, lends firmness to their bond, but proper installation is key. OSB must be installed correctly to maximize strength and durability. Unfortunately, some builders and framers fall into poor, hurried habits of improper installation.

Does OSB have a top and bottom?

OSB also has stamping that reads “This Side Down”. This directs the worker on the correct orientation of the board when installing. The side with the stamp is the smoother side. When installed smooth side down, the rough surface will then face up and give the worker traction for safety.

Which direction is OSB stronger?

OSB panels are stronger in one direction than another. In the outer face layers the fibres run in the long direction of the panel. In the core the fibres run in the short direction of the panel.

Should sheathing be vertical or horizontal?

On roofs and floors, sheathing is installed perpendicular to supports because this is the orientation that results in the strongest roof or floor. Wind loads perpendicular to a wall are similar to floor and roof loads, and installing sheathing horizontally makes walls better at resisting wind pressure.

Can you use screws on OSB?

You only need a #8 wood screw that is 1 1/2 inches long for 5/8 inch OSB or at most 2 inches long for 3/4 inch plywood. Also, deck screws have a coating that helps protect the screw from exterior exposure, which is not needed indoors. Deck screws will also cost more than the screws needed for your subflooring.

Will screws hold in OSB?

OSB will easily hold screws supporting jigs, misc tools, pegboard, etc. Most things I hang on the walls are a few pounds or less, which OSB easily supports. I try to screw into studs if hanging heavy objects like lumber racks, cabinets, etc. OSB has worked fine for my needs.

Can you use OSB on flat roof?

Use OSB Boards Only Do not use any other type of sheet timber. Do not compromise with thinner sheets or ply backed insulation.

Which way do you run sheathing?

Should sheathing be staggered?

Most installations are Category 1, but the critical criteria in all categories is that the panels MUST fully meet (lap) the sill plate, both top plates and 1/2 of stud at ends. (Please stagger nailing into studs where the panels end, to avoid splitting of stud.)

Can you nail into OSB?

I personally like to use 6d or 8d ring shank nails for OSB. 8d common nails are Ok as well. Ring nails won’t loosen or back out over time as wood dries and shrinks. The heads of the roofing nails can easily break off and will offer little if any holding power.


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