Which vitamin deficiency is most common?

Which vitamin deficiency is most common?

1. Iron deficiency

  • Iron deficiency is one of the most common nutrient deficiencies in the world, affecting more than 25% of people worldwide ( 1 , 2 ).
  • Additionally, vegetarians and vegans have an increased risk of deficiency because they consume only non-heme iron, which is not absorbed as well as heme iron ( 3 , 4 ).

What are the deficiency diseases of vitamins?

List of Deficiency Diseases

Types of Vitamins Deficiency Diseases
B12 (Cyanocobalamin) Anaemia
C (Ascorbic acid) Scurvy
D (Calciferol) Rickets
K (Phylloquinone) Excessive bleeding due to injury

What does a deficiency in vitamins cause?

Common symptoms of vitamin deficiency include: Fatigue, low energy. Loss of bone density2. Dry skin and hair.

Is vitamin deficiency malnutrition?

Most children who suffer from malnutrition and stunting are deficient in many micronutrients, such as the B vitamins, vitamin D, iron, iodine and zinc. Stunted children are also usually deficient in vitamin A, which places them at increased risk of blindness and death.

Is vitamin deficiency common?

According to the CDC , nearly 10 percent of people in the US have some nutrient or vitamin deficiency. And while the prevalence of each deficiency can vary by race, gender, and age, a common cause is really the standard American diet.

What happens when vitamin A is deficient?

Vitamin A deficiency is prevalent in developing nations but rare in America and other developed nations. Too little vitamin A can lead to inflamed skin, night blindness, infertility, delayed growth and respiratory infections.

What are the prevention of vitamin A deficiency?

To help prevent vitamin A deficiency, people should eat dark green leafy vegetables, yellow and orange fruits (such as papayas and oranges), carrots, and yellow vegetables (such as squash and pumpkin). Other food sources include milk and cereals that are fortified with vitamin A, liver, egg yolks, and fish liver oils.

Why is vitamin A important?

Vitamin A (retinol, retinoic acid) is a nutrient important to vision, growth, cell division, reproduction and immunity. Vitamin A also has antioxidant properties.

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