Which part of Karachi is Defence in?

Which part of Karachi is Defence in?

Although part of Karachi City, Defence is actually governed directly by the Clifton Cantonment Board. The DHA body serves as the administrative authority only….Defence Housing Authority, Karachi.

Defence اختیاریہَ دفاعی اقامت کاری
Country Pakistan
Province Sindh
City Karachi
Administrative town Clifton Cantonment

Which is the best DHA phase in Karachi?

Phase-VIII is the biggest, most modern, well planned and fastest growing phase of Defence Housing Authority which constitute 45% of the entire area of DHA.

Who is the owner of DHA Karachi?

Pakistan Defence Officers Housing Authority
Pakistan Defence Officers Housing Authority currently owns and manages over an area of 8,797 Acres, serving several families.

Is DHA government or private?

Defence Housing Authority (DHA) (Urdu: اڈیفنس ہاؤسنگ اتھارٹی) is a Government of Pakistan owned real-estate development company that governs housing and municipal services for Defence neighbourhoods across Pakistan. It is the second largest residential community in Pakistan, after Bahria Town.

What tehsil is DHA?

The seat of Government is located in the Cantt. Kutchery while the main areas under the Tehsil include: DHA, Lahore Cantt., Walton Cantt., Bedian, Burki, Paragon.

Which tehsil is Defence in Karachi?

On 11 July 2011, the Sindh Government restored again Karachi South District. In November 2013, Jamshed Town was added into Karachi East District, after three eastern towns of that split up to form a new district named Korangi. Now Karachi South comprise Saddar along with Clifton and Defence area.

Which DHA is best for investment 2021?

If you are stuck between both DHA Gujranwala and DHA Multan, I would recommend DHA Multan and if you have the investment for more than 1 plot then 1 each in both will be a good option.

How do I buy property in DHA?

Verification Process of Property/Plot in DHA

  1. Copy of Allocation/ Allotment Letter.
  2. Copy of Computerized National Identity Card of Property Owner.
  3. Original paid Voucher of Verification Fee.
  4. Copy of Property Dealer’s Registration Card (if applied through Property Dealer).

How many people live in DHA Karachi?

The area is fully developed and is one of the most populated areas of Karachi City. DHA Karachi offers all of the basic and luxurious life style, like Golf Clubs, Resorts, Parks, community centers, entertainment clubs, monuments and landscapes. The site has a aggregate population of 661,000.

Which district is DHA?

DHA City

DHA City Karachi
Country Pakistan
Province Sindh
Division Karachi
District Malir

Which is the biggest DHA in Pakistan?

Lahore DHA
The biggest setup of its kind in Asia, today DHA is considered to be the first choice residential area for the affluent of Pakistan. Lahore DHA is your guide to great investment opportunities in real estate, new houses, plots, files, flats, commercial plots.

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