Which part of Chennai is flooded?

Which part of Chennai is flooded?

Karunanidhi said a large number of complaints of flooding was received from West Mambalam, Parangusapuram, Ashok Nagar, Rangarajapuram and Vadapalani. “Usman Road and Bazulla Road have water stagnation.” In many areas, sewage mixed with stormwater, making it difficult for pedestrians to cross the flooded roads.

Why is Chennai getting flooded?

And yet, Chennai floods. The first reason is Chennai’s long history of vanishing lakes and water bodies, captured by rampant and unfettered urbanisation. Only 15% of Chennai’s wetlands are left, according to a study by Chennai-based Care Earth Trust, a biodiversity research organisation.

When was Chennai affected by floods?

During the 2015 Chennai floods, it quickly became an open sewer as the city’s drains overflowed and the water submerged sewage systems. One of the greatest problems the city faces is plastic pollution. Around 3.4 million tonnes of plastic waste are generated by India each year.

When was the last flood in Chennai?

2015 South India floods

Submerged bridges in Chennai
Date 8 November 2015 – 14 December 2015
Location South India (Tamil Nadu, Puducherry, Andhra Pradesh)
Deaths 500+ Tamil Nadu: 422 (official, likely more) Andhra Pradesh: 81 Puducherry: 3

Is Anna Nagar in Chennai flooded?

Out of the 5,000 complaints of flooding received by the Greater Chennai Corporation in this spell of rain in the past two days, zones of Thiru Vi Ka Nagar, Anna Nagar and Kodambakkam in Central Chennai have registered the highest number among the 15 zones in the city.

Which part of Chennai is most affected by rain?

However, in the rains that have lashed Chennai in the past five days, North Chennai, the city’s congested neighbourhood with a largely working class population and several industries, is worst-affected.

What caused Chennai floods 2021?

An image of Chennai’s Marina Beach flooded as a result of the heavy rains caused by the Depression BOB 05. The rainfall started on 1 November in Tamil Nadu. The flooding was caused by extremely heavy downpours from BOB 05, killing at least 41 people across India and Sri Lanka.

Why is a flood called a disaster?

Floods are the most frequent type of natural disaster and occur when an overflow of water submerges land that is usually dry. River floods are caused when consistent rain or snow melt forces a river to exceed capacity. Coastal floods are caused by storm surges associated with tropical cyclones and tsunami.

Which is the safest place in Chennai?

1. Re: Best and safe place to live in Chennai. If you are talking about the KM near MMDA colony, you have a range of safe, secure residential areas to pick and choose: KK Nagar, Ashok Nagar, Kodambakkam, MMDA colony etc. Most of the places above are quite safe and mid priced on rentals.

Will the flood happen in 2021?

The flooding was caused by extremely heavy downpours from BOB 05, killing at least 41 people across India and Sri Lanka….2021 South India floods.

Part of the 2021 North Indian Ocean cyclone season
Date 6 – 12 November 2021 (2 months, 4 weeks and 2 days)
Type Flood

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