Which of the following is disadvantage of Oodb?

Which of the following is disadvantage of Oodb?

There are following disadvantages of OODBMSs: Lack of universal data model: There is no universally agreed data model for an OODBMS, and most models lack a theoretical foundation. This . disadvantage is seen as a significant drawback, and is comparable to per-relational systems.

Why is Oodb not popular?

Yet another reason why there is not such a strong push for OODBMS is that there is “poor man’s OODBMS” solution — ORMs. This has gained huge popularity, as they are backed by well known, stable and tested DB engines, yet they provide the mapping to objects. Of course, these are not true OODBs.

What are the disadvantages of object-oriented database?

Drawbacks of Object Databases

  • Object databases are not as popular as RDBMS. It is difficult to find object DB developers.
  • Not many programming language support object databases.
  • RDBMS have SQL as a standard query language.
  • Object databases are difficult to learn for non-programmers.

What are the advantages of using Oodb over relational DB?

Object-oriented databases provide a number of advantages over relational databases like ease of extensibility, custom data models, provision for modelling complex data structures and faster access time.

Which of the following is disadvantage of Oodb Mcq?

Lack of universal data model and lack of standards – there is no universally agreed model for OODBMS.

What are the advantages of Oodb?


  • Complex data and a wider variety of data types compared to MySQL data types.
  • Easy to save and retrieve data quickly.
  • Seamless integration with object-oriented programming languages.
  • Easier to model the advanced real world problems.
  • Extensible with custom data types.

What are the advantages of Odbms?

Object-Oriented Database has several advantages as compare to Relational Database like better flexibility, reliability, reusability, extensibility, redundancy, response time, design & implementation and real-world modeling.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of object-oriented database?

Advantages and disadvantages of the object-oriented database model

Advantages Disadvantages
Complex data sets can be saved and retrieved quickly and easily. Object databases are not widely adopted.
Object IDs are assigned automatically. In some situations, the high complexity can cause performance problems.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of object relational database system?

Which of the following is advantage of Oodb Mcq?

An OODBMS provides faster access to individual data objects once they have been read from disk.

What are the benefits of Ordbms?

There are following advantages of ORDBMSs: Reuse and Sharing: The main advantages of extending the Relational data model come from reuse and sharing. Reuse comes from the ability to extend the DBMS server to perform standard functionality centrally, rather than have it coded in each application.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a database?

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Database?

  • Advantages of Database. Data Abstraction. Controlling Data Redundancy. Minimized Data inconsistency. Data Manipulation Easily. Data can be shared. Data Security.
  • Disadvantages of Database. Cost of Hardware and Software. Cost of Data Conversion. Cost of Staff Training.

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