Which network is used in railway reservation office?

Which network is used in railway reservation office?

wireless network i.e “wifi” is the correct answer to the given question. Explanation: The Indian railways is providing the wireless network for their online services to the user . The wireless service is fast and it is compatible service to the user .

Is unreserved ticket available in Chennai?

Unreserved tickets can currently be purchased only by those travelling along Chennai Beach – Velachery, Royapuram – Gummidipoondi, Chennai Beach – Chengalpattu and Chennai Suburban Terminus – Tiruvallur routes. “It has been reintroduced now for Chennai users”, an official from Southern Railway told Indianexpress.com.

What are the timings of railway reservation counters?

The requests for reservation at the reservation counters are accepted up to 4 hours before the scheduled departure of the train, after which, the reservation will be done at the current counters at the stations up to one hour before the scheduled departure of the train and thereafter by the Ticket Collector/Conductor …

Where is the headquarters of the Southern Railway Zone?

Chennai, India
Southern Railway Headquarters/Headquarters

What is NMS railway?

Network Management System (NMS) is an essential part of any data network to monitor the health of the network.

What is online railway reservation system?

For example, to make ticketing more convenient for travelers, Indian Railways has started an online reservation system, which helps us in booking tickets from the comfort of our homes or offices. You will then use this account to book a railway ticket and also cancel a railway reservation that you have made.

How long UTS ticket is valid?

How long will my paperless platform ticket be valid? According to Railway rules platform ticket is valid for two hours from the time of booking.

Can I book current reservation online?

Only E-Ticket booking is allowed. Only Confirmed tickets shall be booked during current booking. 4. Only senior citizen and disabled concession shall be allowed.

Is reservation compulsory in train?

Indian Railways since last year had made it mandatory to make reservations of seats in general coaches for passengers willing to travel in them, but with the number of Covid-19 cases on decline and more and more people getting vaccinated, Indian Railways has started operating some of the passenger trains with de- …

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