Which is the mute button on a Blackberry?

Which is the mute button on a Blackberry?

Hold down the “Play/Pause/Mute” key, located at the top of the device, to lock the keyboard.

What is the Escape key on Blackberry Curve 8520?

The escape key is the arrow key to the right of the trackball.

How do I unmute my BlackBerry phone?

Select the Speaker icon to turn speakerphone on or off. Select the Keypad icon to show or hide the keypad. Select the Mute icon to mute or unmute calls. ADJUST THE VOLUME: Press the Volume buttons on the right side of the device.

What is the unlock key on a BlackBerry?

Turn your phone on and lock the keypad by pressing and holding the ‘k’ button (Q10 only) or tapping the Lock button at the top of the BlackBerry. You can unlock your BlackBerry by pressing the Lock button at the top of your phone again. Voila, you’re in!

Where is the power key on BlackBerry curve?

With the phone turned on, holding down the End Call key for 3 seconds will shut the phone off. If the phone is turned off, one tap of this key will bring it back to life. On BlackBerry’s 8800 and 8700 business-targeted series of phones, the Power On/Off key is located on the top left hand side of the BlackBerry.

Where is the menu key on a BlackBerry?

There is no Menu key on BlackBerry 10 devices. To access some options that you will use the most often, touch and hold an item on the screen. Menu items appear on the right side of the screen. To access different views or screens for some apps, at the bottom of the screen, tap .

Where is the power key on blackberry curve?

How do I adjust the volume on my BlackBerry?

To increase the volume, press the Volume Up key on the right side of your BlackBerry smartphone. To decrease the volume, press the Volume Down key on the right side of your smartphone.

How do I turn off silent mode on my BlackBerry Q10?

Turn silent mode on or off – BlackBerry Q10 Slide your finger downwards starting from the top edge of the display. Press the silent mode icon to turn the function on or off.

What are the specs of the BlackBerry Curve 8520?

BlackBerry Curve 8520 Released 2009, August. 106g, 13.9mm thickness 0.1% 16,186,818 hits 80 Become a fan 2.46″ 320×240 pixels 2MP 240p 1150mAh Li-Ion

Is the BlackBerry 8520 quad-band compatible?

As the 8520 is quad-band compatible you can use it in most countries around the world and as with many of the BlackBerry’s we’ve tested in the past it’s call quality is excellent.

Who is the BlackBerry 8520’s target market?

With the new 8520, BlackBerry is targeting mainstream users rather than those who would traditionally buy a smartphone.

Is the BlackBerry Curve 8250 a good phone?

The BlackBerry Curve 8250 is certainly a little light on features, with 3G and GPS the most serious omissions, but the phone still manages to rise above these limitations.

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