Which is the best catch in IPL history?

Which is the best catch in IPL history?

In this article, we will be listing out 5 players who have grabbed the most catches in IPL history:

  • Shikhar Dhawan – 81 catches.
  • AB de Villiers – 83.
  • Rohit Sharma – 89.
  • Kieron Pollard – 92.
  • Suresh Raina – 104.

Which team has most catches in IPL?

Most Catches in IPL

Player Span Team
DJ Bravo 2008-2021 Chennai Super Kings, Gujarat Lions, Mumbai Indians
Manish Pandey 2008-2021 Kolkata Knight Riders, Mumbai Indians, Pune Warriors, Royal Challengers Bangalore, Sunrisers Hyderabad
David Warner 2009-2021 Delhi Daredevils, Sunrisers Hyderabad

Who took most number of catches in IPL?

S K Raina
Most Catches in IPL

# Player Catches
1 S K Raina 107
2 K A Pollard 96
3 A B de Villiers++ 92
4 R G Sharma 90

Where is Ajinkya Rahane born?

Ashwi Khurd, India
Ajinkya Rahane/Place of birth

Who is most wicket in IPL?

Lasith Malinga
Lasith Malinga from Sri Lanka was the leading wicket taker in the Indian Premier League as of November 2021 with 170 wickets.

Who won best catches in IPL 2021?

Team Stats

No. Player Catches
1 Ravindra Jadeja CSK 13
2 Faf du Plessis CSK 12
3 Steven Smith DC 9
4 Dan Christian RCB 9

Who takes most catches IPL 2021?

How old is Shami?

31 years (September 3, 1990)
Mohammed Shami/Age

Who is the father of Ajinkya Rahane?

Madhukar Baburao Rahane
Ajinkya Rahane/Fathers
Ajinkya Rahane’s father Madhukar Baburao Rahane has been arrested following the family’s involvement in a road accident that killed a 67-year-old woman near Kolhapur.

Which is the lowest score in IPL?

The lowest score in IPL history is 49 by RCB against KKR in 2018. This is one of the most-talked about matches in the IPL. RCB had restricted KKR to 131 in the first innings. However, KKR fought back in some style to dismiss the star-studded RCB batting lineup for a mere 49 runs in 9.4 overs.

Who is most centuries in IPL?

1Top 10 Players with Most Centuries in IPL History

Pos Player 100s
1 Chris Gayle 6
2 Virat Kohli 5
3 David Warner 4
4 Shane Watson 4

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