Which country singers are Christian?

Which country singers are Christian?

8 Best Christian Country Artists You Need For Your Gospel Music…

  • Randy Travis. Photo Credits: Randy Travis/Official Facebook Home Page.
  • Elvis Presley. Photo Credits: Elvis Presley/ Official Facebook Home Page.
  • Hillary Scott.
  • Susan Ashton.
  • Point of Grace.
  • Diamond Rio.
  • The Mercy River Boys.

Is there any Christian country music?

What Is Christian Country Music? Kim Jones is an ordained pastor and a co-founder of Road to Revelation, a Christian rock band. Much like Christian bluegrass, Christian country shares the stage with its styles of secular counterparts due to the genre being so faith-based.

What is Christian country music called?

Christian country music, sometimes marketed as country gospel, inspirational country is country music that is written to express either personal or a communal belief regarding Christian life, as well as (in terms of the varying music styles) to give a Christian alternative to mainstream secular music.

What country singers have gospel albums?

Country » Traditional Country » Country Gospel

  • Various Artists. Goodbye, Babylon.
  • The Louvin Brothers. Satan Is Real.
  • Johnny Cash. The Gospel Collection.
  • The Statler Brothers. Holy Bible/New Testament.
  • The Best of Nashboro Gospel.
  • Jubilation, Vol. 3 …
  • Carl Story. The Bluegrass Gospel …
  • E.C. and Orna Ball.

What religion are most country singers?

Many country singers are devoutly religious and a handful are practicing Catholics. Country singers who are Catholic come in many forms. Some famous Catholic country stars were raised in the faith while other Catholic country singers converted later in life.

Are any country singers Catholic?

Many country singers are devoutly religious and a handful are practicing Catholics. Rosanne Cash was once Catholic, but she no longer practices the religion. Other famous country musicians who are Catholic featured on this list include Lorrie Morgan, Sammy Kershaw, and Collin Raye.

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