Which caste is motiwala?

Which caste is motiwala?

Family, Caste & Husband Coming from a Hindu- Gujarati family, her father, Tushar Motiwala, is a businessman, which is now inherited by her brother, Chitrang Motiwala. Her mother, Bhavana Motiwala, is a former fashion stylist.

What does motiwala mean?

Meaning of Motiwala: Name Motiwala in the Hindi origin, means The one who have of deals in Pearls. Name Motiwala is of Hindi origin and is a Unisex name. People with name Motiwala are usually Judaism by religion.

Where did last names originally come from?

Evidence indicates that surnames were first adopted among the feudal nobility and gentry, and slowly spread to other parts of society. Some of the early Norman nobility who arrived in England during the Norman conquest differentiated themselves by affixing ‘de’ (of) before the name of their village in France.

What nationality is the name Poulter?

Old French
English: occupational name from Old French po(u)letier ‘poultry dealer or breeder’ (an agent derivative of poule ‘chicken’).

Is Antara Motiwala Gujarati?

Antara was born into an upper-class Gujarati family.

Who is Tushar motiwala?

The first company TUSHAR DINESH MOTIWALA was appointed as Director is TRIAX TRADING PVT LTD and the most recent directorship is with CIMIC TECH (INDIA) PRIVATE LIMITED.

How is Tina Ambani related to Antara Motiwala?

Younger sister of former model and Costume Designer Bhawna Munim (Bhawanaben Motiwala). Her daughter Antara married Anil Kapoor nephew Mohit Marwah.

How many sisters does Tina Ambani have?

Tina Ambani Height, Weight, Age, Biography, Husband & More

Debut Film- Des Pardes (1978)
Family Father- Not Known Mother- Not Known Siblings- Bhavna Munim (Sister) & 7 More
Religion Jainism (Parents), Hinduism (Husband)
Hobbies Doing Charity, Reading, Listening to Music

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