Where should shower head be placed?

Where should shower head be placed?

The showerhead should be placed so it directs water toward the body, not the face or hair. A fixed showerhead, roughed in at 72 inches to 78 inches off the floor, is typical in many showers and tub/shower combinations.

What is the rough in height for a shower valve?

Shower Valve Height A height of 28 inches, or 2 feet 4 inches, is standard for valves in bathtub shower units. For shower stalls, install the valve at the standard height of 48 inches, or 4 feet. Install faucets at the same height as the valve, equidistant from the valve.

How far should the shower head be from the wall?

Typically, a wall-mounted or fixed shower head should be about 3 to 4 inches from the wall. If you angle the shower arm at 100 or 120 degrees, you’d have enough space to move around your bathing enclosure without bumping against the wall.

How far out should a shower valve be installed?

Your goal is to center the shower valve between studs 12 inches apart. A little mark at the midpoint of the plates, in line with where you expect the faucet and shower valve to be, helps for the next stage of this project. Next, mark 6 inches on either side of the midpoint.

Do shower heads fit all showers?

Pretty much every shower head has the same connection in the United States, 1/2″ NPT. As long as you have the shower arm plumbing coming from your ceiling or your wall, you can choose whichever shower head you want and mount your shower head wherever you want.

Are rain shower heads worth it?

Rain shower heads won’t give as good water pressure as a standard shower head. I’ve used a few rain shower heads in hotels and they do offer good pressure, but not as good as a standard shower head. The benefit of a rain shower head is more water flows over the body as it has a wider area of flow.

Why does Moen shower handle sticks out too far?

There are two reasons why your Moen Shower Handle may stick out. One might be because the valve wasn’t placed properly on the wall. Another one is the Moen Shower Handle which has had this problem for 5-6 years. In this case, the valve body is fitted with the plaster ground flush with the completed wall.

What kind of shower head do I want?

Choosing the Right Pressure of Water Different showerheads require different psi for effective flow. If your home doesn’t have enough water pressure for the head you choose, water won’t be able to flow with enough strength or consistency to be effective. Most shower heads need between 40 and 60 psi.

Why are some shower heads so expensive?

For plumbing fixtures, quality materials and construction are paramount. The guts of a faucet, shower head, etc tells a lot more about quality than the exterior. If it isn’t well constructed of quality materials, it will soon fail. Even reputable brands have low end products made of poor materials.

How far from the wall should a rain shower head be?

Typically, a wall-mounted or fixed shower head should be about 3 to 4 inches from the wall. If you angle the shower arm at 100 or 120 degrees, you’d have enough space to move around your bathing enclosure without bumping against the wall. With rainfall shower heads, you have two options.

Are bigger shower heads better?

First, compared to a standard shower head, the faces of rain shower heads are a good bit bigger in diameter. If you aren’t making any changes to your existing shower stall or bathtub, you’ll want to make sure that a new, wider shower head won’t spray onto your floors every time you turn it on.

How high should a shower head be?

Generally, the standard height for shower heads is 80 inches, but this depends on the model you have. Handheld shower heads will be 74-76 inches from the floor, and rainfall shower heads will be about 84 inches from the floor. Your shower head should be roughly 12 inches from the ceiling to prevent any splashback from damaging the bathroom.

What is the standard height for a ceiling shower head?

What is the Shower Head Height? Standard Height of Shower Heads. Most showerheads are fitted at the height of 80 inches from the floor of the bath or the floor of a shower tray. Factors Affecting Shower Head Height. When considering the height of your shower head, you’ll need to think about other factors besides the height of the users. Types of Shower Heads and Their Heights.

What is the height of a shower head to the floor?

The industry standard for the height of a shower head is 80 inches above the floor of the bath. This is 6 feet, 8 inches, which is suitable for most people of average height, and even usable for those who are taller.

Are shower heads a standard size?

The standard thread size for shower heads in the United States is 1/2-inch NPT .

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