Where is the nightlife in Hong Kong?

Where is the nightlife in Hong Kong?

Lan Kwai Fong and SoHo are the two most popular areas for drinking and nightlife in Hong Kong, offering a variety of restaurants, bars, and nightclubs. Lan Kwai Fong is in the busy and loud Central Business District, while SoHo is a bit more sophisticated, located just south of Hollywood Road (hence the name).

What is Wan Chai known for?

Wan Chai is one of the busiest commercial areas in Hong Kong with offices of many small and medium-sized companies. There are various landmarks and skyscrapers within the area, most notably the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (HKCEC), Central Plaza and Hopewell Centre.

What can you do at night in Hong Kong?

12 Best Things to Do in Hong Kong at Night

  • Enjoy Spectacular Views from The Peak.
  • Have a Laugh at a Stand-Up Comedy.
  • Stretch your Legs with a Night Hike on Lantau Peak.
  • Chill out on a Night Harbor Cruise.
  • Place a Bet Wednesday Night Horse Racing.
  • Taste the City on a Food Tour.

How many people live in Wan Chai?

Wan Chai has more than 180,000 residents, and a transient population of over 600,000. People of different nationalities, religions, and cultural backgrounds converge in Wan Chai, which is indeed the best miniature of Hong Kong as an international metropolis.

Is it safe to walk around Hong Kong at night?

Hong Kong is generally a safe city to travel around, even alone at night, but always use common sense. Some things to keep in mind: Stick to well-lit streets if walking after dark; note the MTR is perfectly safe to use at night. See ‘e-Report Centre’ at www.police.gov.hk.

Where is the red light district in Hong Kong?

A section of Portland Street, particularly between Argyle Street and Dundas Street, hosts arguably Hong Kong’s most famous red light district (serving mostly local Chinese clientele) and a popular scene in Hong Kong films.

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