Where is the new HS2 route?

Where is the new HS2 route?

What is the HS2 route? The overall route for HS2 will run from London to Manchester via Birmingham. Phase 1 will see 140 miles of new dedicated track laid between London Euston and a brand new Curzon Street station in Birmingham.

How many stations will HS2 stop at?

25 stations
HS2 trains will serve over 25 stations connecting around 30 million people.

Who will build the HS2 trains?

Hitachi/Alstom JV
Announced today (9 December 2021) by the government, the state-of-the-art high-speed trains will be built by Hitachi/Alstom JV at their factories in Derby, Crewe and County Durham in a major deal set to support 2,500 jobs across the UK.

How many HS2 trains will there be?

The government proposes that HS2 will provide up to 18 trains an hour by 2033 to and from London.

How many trains will run on HS2?

On HS2, there will be 18 trains an hour. Each train will be 400m long, carrying 1,100 people. That’s roughly equivalent to three jumbo jets’ worth of people.

What is the cost of HS2?

The current estimated cost of HS2 is between £72bn and £98bn (at 2019 prices), compared with an original budget of £55.7bn in 2015 (at 2015 prices).

How can I see the planned routes for HS2?

You can check maps to see the planned routes for the High Speed Two ( HS2) rail network. The route for Phase 1 has been confirmed. Plans for Phases 2a and 2b aren’t confirmed but are unlikely to change significantly.

Where can I find more details about the HS2 at other locations?

Here are more details about the HS2 at other locations: If wish to see the route at some other location, use the following link to see a map showing the route . This includes Ordnance Survey maps, OpenStreetMap maps and Google Maps.

Where is HS2 Phase 2A?

Curzon Street and Interchange in the West Midlands and Old Oak Common and Euston in London. Phase 2a is a short section linking up Phase One to Crewe, enabling HS2 trains to travel on the existing network to stations in the North.

Where are the new HS2 stations in Birmingham?

Opening with seven high speed platforms, the new station is located on the edge of Birmingham city centre. A brand new station located in Solihull, near to Birmingham International Airport, the M42 and the A45. A new super-interchange which will link HS2 with Crossrail and the Great Western Main Line.

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