Where is the Metternich Stela?

Where is the Metternich Stela?

the Metropolitan Museum of Art
the Tyszkiewicz statue now in the Louvre (also the statue-base known as the Klasens base) the Metternich stela, finest of the Horus stelae, now in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. the healing-statue of Djedher-the-saviour, found at Athribis, in the Egyptian Museum, Cairo.

What was magical stela made of?

This so-called ‘magical stela of Horus’ (a stela is a large tablet, usually made of stone) depicts the god Horus in the conventional Egyptian form for a youth: nude and wearing his hair in a side lock. He is portrayed here as Harpokrates, the Greek version of Horus-the-Child.

What is the Cippus of Horus?

The stele of Horus, also known as cippi (singular cippus) of Horus or “Horus on the Crocodiles,” are a particular type of healing and protective statue that appeared in Egypt during the 18th Dynasty (ca. 1550-1295 BCE) and were in use until the Roman Period.

What was the purpose of this stela?

A stela is an upright monument containing information in the form of texts, images or a combination of the two. Stelae have been used to commemorate people or events, to delineate physical spaces or as objects through which to access the dead or divine.

How do you worship Horus?

Horus was worshipped in the same way as any of the other gods of Egypt: temples were built as homes for the god and his statue placed within the inner sanctum where only the chief priest was allowed to attend him.

Who made the magical stela?

priest Esatum
On the part below the central figure panel, rows of hieroglyphs record thirteen magic spells to protect against poisonous bites and wounds and to cure the illnesses caused by them. The stela was commissioned by the priest Esatum to be set up in the public part of a temple.

Who made magical stela?

What was in the black sarcophagus?

Three skeletons and liquid sewage were found inside the black sarcophagus from Alexandria, Egypt. Why three skeletons, which may be those of soldiers, were buried in a sarcophagus so massive — Waziri said it may be the largest ever found in Alexandria — is also unknown.

What was written on stela?

On the stela is inscribed the text of a bilingual Tibetan-Chinese peace treaty of 821–822 ce between the king of Tibet and the emperor of China. Stelae were also used throughout the Mayan empire.

What does stela mean?

Definition of stela : a usually carved or inscribed stone slab or pillar used for commemorative purposes.

Who is Horus wife?

goddess Hathor
In the beginning stages of the ancient Egyptian religion, Horus was believed to be the god of war and the sky, and was married to the goddess Hathor. As the religion progressed, Horus was seen as the son of Osiris and Isis, as well as the opponent of Seth.

What is Horus famous for?

Horus represents the power and importance of the sun and sky in all aspects of ancient Egyptian life. He serves as provider and protector of the Egyptian people, especially the pharaohs. One of the most important symbols associated with Horus is the Eye of Horus, a symbol meant to offer the protection of the gods.

What is the Metternich Stela?

The Metternich Stela is a magico-medical stele that is part of the Egyptian Collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. It dates to the Thirtieth Dynasty of Egypt around 380–342 B.C. during the reign of Nectanebo II.

What is the purpose of the Metternich spell?

This spell, which occupies most of the base of the Metternich Stela, was intended to be used by a physician treating a patient for snakebite or other poison. Its effectiveness derived from its “mythological precedent”-that is, by reference to the myth describing how Thoth, the god of knowledge, saved the young god Horus from a similar affliction.

How long did it take to find the stela in Alexandria?

There the stela was created and stood for many years until Alexander the Great conquered the Persians in Egypt and it was brought to Alexandria. For over two thousand years, the stela was missing until it was discovered in a wall that was excavated in a Franciscan monastery.

What is the Magical Stela of Heliopolis?

The Magical Stela is one of the largest and most complete of this kind. It is theorized that in the reign of Nectanebo II, a priest named Esatum traveled to the burial place of the Mnevis bulls at Heliopolis. There he noticed certain inscriptions that he thought were interesting and ordered them to be copied onto a large block of stone.

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