Where is the drawbridge cell key dishonored?

Where is the drawbridge cell key dishonored?

The Drawbridge Cell Key is found outside the prisoners cell in the tower on Drawbridge Way. In the same area are: a copy of River Krust Reproduction, a health potion and a grenade. It opens the cell.

Where is Alec’s cell dishonored?

Alec is currently being held by guards in a holding cell located in the bunker at the other side of the drawbridge (the above screenshot).

How do you cross the bridge in Dishonored?

Rune 1 of 5 On the way to Drawbridge Way, there is a side-path to the right that leads to a metal walkway with a climbing chain. The rune is in the room at the chain’s top. Smash the door’s obstruction to unlock the second way out, or go back the way you came.

Do River Krusts count as kills?

Killing river krusts does not generate chaos and does not count as a kill when attempting to get the Clean Hands achievement.

Where is the abandoned apartment key in Dishonored?

The Hound Pits Pub
The Abandoned Apartment Key is found during the fifth visit to The Hound Pits Pub. It is under Cecelia’s bed on the second floor. It opens the door to the abandoned apartment across the street from the pub.

Who is Sokolov Dishonored?

Anton Sokolov is the Head of the Academy of Natural Philosophy and Royal Physician to the Empress and then the Lord Regent. In addition to being a highly prized painter, he is a prolific inventor and is the primary source of Dunwall’s militarized technology encountered throughout Dishonored.

Where is Anton Sokolov Dishonored?

Dishonored 2 A decade after the Lord Regent’s insurrection, Sokolov has relocated to Karnaca, in an attempt to renounce ties to Dunwall, where he resides on Meagan Foster’s Dreadful Wale for a time.

How do you get Sokolov out Dishonored?

Pick Sokolov up using the carry option, then step on the square. This will open up the cell. Far Reach out of it and use the square you find outside to switch up the walls again. Move towards the exit door, quietly and carefully so as not to draw the attention of the nearby Clockwork Soldier.

Does Granny Rags count as detection?

Granny Rags doesn’t “detect” Corvo before the end of speech and her first teleportation – Corvo can steal the key from her and run towards the door. In this case, it is advised to loot her bedroom first.

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