Where is the corporate headquarters for Safeway?

Where is the corporate headquarters for Safeway?

Pleasanton, CA
Safeway Inc./Headquarters

How do I contact Safeway corporate headquarters?

  1. Retail Store/Corporate. – – 877-723-3929.
  2. Grocery Delivery. – – 877-505-4040.
  3. Media Inquiries. – – 208-395-4722.
  4. Accessibility Support. – – 877-635-4833.

How do I contact the CEO of Safeway?

Safeway, Inc.

  1. Street Address. 5918 Stoneridge Mall Rd.
  2. Zip Code. 94588.
  3. State. CA.
  4. Title. Chairman and CEO.
  5. Phone. (925) 467-3000.
  6. Web. http://www.safeway.com.
  7. Fax. (925) 467-3323.
  8. Contact Name. Steven Burd.

How do I contact Safeway?

1 (877) 258-2799
Safeway Inc./Customer service

How do I contact Safeway human resources?

If you are an authorized employee experiencing difficulty accessing these services and need assistance, call the Service Desk at 877.286. 3200.

How do I file a complaint with Safeway?

Safeway complaints contacts

  1. Call Customer Care on 1 (877) 258-2799.
  2. Call Headquarters on (925) 467-3000.
  3. Tweet Safeway.

How do I make a complaint to Safeway?

Who is the CEO of Safeway?

Robert Gerald Miller (Apr 10, 2015–)
Safeway Inc./CEO

Is Ralphs owned by Safeway?

employees who worked in the same building four months ago. “We’re a separate company from Ralphs,” said Safeway Spokesperson Jennifer Webber. Ralphs Grocery Co. closed its doors last October and many employees found work at other area grocery stores including Albertsons, Raley’s and SPD.

Who is Safeway owned by?

Albertsons Companies
Today, Safeway operates as a banner of Albertsons Companies, one of the largest food and drug retailers in the United States. With both a strong local presence and national scale, the company operates stores across 35 states and the District of Columbia under 20 well-known banners.

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