Where is Rajdeep Sardesai working now?

Where is Rajdeep Sardesai working now?

He has been the President of the Editors Guild of India and was also chosen as a Global Leader for Tomorrow by the World Economic Forum in 2000. Sardesai writes a fortnightly column across several newspapers, including the Hindustan Times.

How old is Rajdeep?

56 years (May 24, 1965)
Rajdeep Sardesai/Age

Who is the wife of Rajdeep Sardesai?

Sagarika Ghosem. 1994
Rajdeep Sardesai/Wife

Has Rajdeep Sardesai quit today?

New Delhi: Senior journalist and news anchor Rajdeep Sardesai has been taken off air for two weeks and a month’s salary was deducted by the India Today group for his tweet that claimed a farmer was shot dead in police firing during the tractor rally on 26 January, ThePrint has learnt.

Why was Rajdeep Sardesai removed?

The India Today Group Thursday took senior journalist and anchor Rajdeep Sardesai off-air for two weeks and deducted his salary for a month as part of disciplinary action over an incorrect tweet, and announcement on live television, that the man who had died during the farmers’ tractor rally in Delhi on January 26 had …

Is Rajdeep Sardesai son of Dilip Sardesai?

Sardesai was born in Ahmedabad, Gujarat to a Goan father and a Gujarati mother. His father, Dilip Sardesai, was a former Indian Test cricketer and his mother, Nandini, is an activist in Mumbai and former head of the Department of Sociology at St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai.

Who is Arnab Goswami wife?

Samyabrata Ray Goswami
Arnab Goswami/Wife

Who is the father of Rajdeep Sardesai?

Dilip Sardesai
Rajdeep Sardesai/Fathers

Where is Sagarika Ghose now?

Career. Since 1991, she has worked as a journalist at The Times Of India, Outlook magazine and The Indian Express and was deputy editor and prime time anchor on the news network CNN-IBN. Ghose resigned as deputy editor of CNN-IBN in July 2014.

Where is India Today?

India Today (TV channel)

Broadcast area India
Headquarters Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India
Language(s) English
Picture format 4:3 (576i, SDTV) HDTV (1080p/720p 16:9)

Who owns the print in?

Journalist Shekhar Gupta
ThePrint is an Indian online newspaper. It is supported by Printline Media Pvt Ltd, a company headquartered in New Delhi. Journalist Shekhar Gupta launched ThePrint in August 2017.

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