Where is Charles Charamba now?

Where is Charles Charamba now?

Charles Charamba (born 27 April 1971) is a Zimbabwean gospel musician and a former pastor in the Apostolic Faith Mission Church of Zimbabwe (AFM). He has since started his church.

How old is Charles Charamba?

50 years (April 27, 1971)
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When was Charles Charamba born?

April 27, 1971 (age 50 years)
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When was Olivia Charamba born?

Olivia Charamba (nee Maseko) was born on August 14 in 1973. She started singing in the Salvation Army choir in the 80’s. [1] In 1995 she moved to join the Apostolic Faith Mission and that is where she met her husband and started her professional career.

What are some of Charles Charamba’s albums?

Charles Charamba albums include: Tinashe Akatendeka – 1997 Johane 3: 16 – 1998 Exodus – 2001 Daily Bread – 2002 Sunday Service – 2003 Verses and Chapters – 2004 New Testament On Song – 2007 Pashoko Pangoma – 2010

Who is Charles Charamba’s wife Mai?

Charles Charamba is one of the most famous gospel artists in Zimbabwe. He has released multiple songs throughout his career and achieved different awards for his wondrous works. The father of five is happily married to Idaishe Olivia, popularly known as Mai Charamba.

Who is Pastor Charles Charamba?

At the mention of the longest-serving pastors in Zimbabwe, the name of Charles Charamba will immediately pop up. He started his ministry back in the ’90s and has grown so much since then. What is interesting is that some of his life details remain under wraps despite his popularity. Take a look at the known information about this pastor.

Where did Charles Charamba go to college?

He also graduated from Zimbabwe College of Music in September 2011 with a national certificate in music. Two years later, he graduated from Africa University with a bachelor of music degree in ethnomusicology. Popular Zimbabwean gospel artist and pastor Charles Charamba (left) and friends. Photo: @ccharambah

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