Where ignorant armies clash by night meaning?

Where ignorant armies clash by night meaning?

Where ignorant armies clash by night. The poem slams shut on us with the end of this final simile that the speaker began in line 35. The speaker and his love are not just stuck in the dark, but they are “swept” by noise and confusion. People are struggling, running away (in “flight”) and sounding alarms.

What are ignorant armies?

Ignorant Armies is dealing with an historical subject on which most americans would have to claim total ignorance. The book deals with the u.s. army’s obscure invasion and occupation of soviet russia at the end of world. war I. A colorful and detailed account.

What is the overall message in stanza 4 Dover Beach?

Stanza 4 is characterized by a feeling of escapism. The poet asks his beloved to be true to him. Note that these lines relate to the Sea of Faith (He wants to bring that faith back).

What does the last line of Dover Beach mean?

In the last stanza of ‘Dover Beach’, the speaker urges his ladylove to “be true to one another” as the new world, that seems to be so beautiful apparently, does not evoke much hope for him. To talk about the stylistic aspects of the poem, the lines are mostly rhyming.

What does the Sea of Faith symbolizes?

Here the “Sea of Faith” represents the “ocean” of religious belief in the world—all of our faith put together.

How is the metaphor of the sea used in Dover Beach?

In a beautiful metaphor, he compares faith in religion to the sea of faith. Once this Sea of Faith had encircled the whole world, which means that there was a time when the whole world was full of strong religious belief.

Where ignorance is bliss it is folly to be wise?

proverb It is better to remain unaware or ignorant of things that may otherwise cause one stress; if you don’t know about something, you don’t need to worry about it. From the 1742 poem “Ode on a Distant Prospect of Eton College,” by Thomas Gray.

Which war is mentioned in Dover Beach?

discussed in biography Dover Beach Revisited (1961), treating the World War II evacuation of Dunkirk and issues of faith, contains 11 variations on Matthew Arnold’s poem. In another collection, Variations and Theme (1980), Finch describes in 14 poem variations the fate of a rare pink water lily.

What do the pebbles symbolize in Dover Beach?

The pebbles symbolize the people who suffer under the pangs of sadness and loss of faith. Just like the pebbles going through the “ebb” and “flow” of tides, people too undergo misery and are subjected to external influences over which they have no control.

What does the sea symbolize in Dover Beach?

The beach is an ideal setting for Arnold’s poem. The land is a symbol of continuity, and the sea is a symbol of change.

What does the speaker mean by the last three lines?

Those final three lines describe how “we,” meaning humankind, “are here as on a darkling plain.” This means that the surface on which we stand is darkening, the world around us becoming gloomier.

What does Lay like the folds of a bright girdle furled mean?

Lay like the folds of a bright girdle furled. When that ocean of faith was at its height, it was like a “bright girdle” (that’s like a fancy belt) rolled up (“furled”) around the world. He just used a simile to compare his already-metaphorical ocean to a beautiful belt.

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