Where does the name Shawnee come from?

Where does the name Shawnee come from?

The Shawnee Tribe is an Algonquian-speaking people, who originally occupied lands in southern Ohio, West Virginia and western Pennsylvania. Their name comes from the Algonquian word “shawum” meaning “southerner,” and refers to their original location in the Ohio Valley south of the other Great Lakes Algonquian Tribes.

What are some Shawnee names?


  • Origin: Native American (Algonquin)
  • Meaning: A tribe name.
  • Alternative Spellings & Variations: Shawny, Shawney, Shawnie, Shawn, Seanee, Seaney, Shaunee, Shauney, Shaun, Sean.
  • Peak Popularity: Shawnee is an uncommon name.

Is Shawne a Girl name?

Shawn Origin and Meaning The name Shawn is a girl’s name of Irish origin meaning “God is gracious”. Shawn is one name that’s become less unisex and more distinctly male over time in all its spellings, given to only 17 baby girls and 800 boys in the US in the most recent year counted.

What was the golden rule of the Shawnee?

The “Golden Rule” of the Shawnees was: “Do not kill or injure your neighbor, for it is not him that you injure, you injure yourself. But do good to him, therefore add to his days of happiness as you add to your own.

Was the Shawnee Tribe peaceful?

The Shawnee people lived by their own tribal rules and ignored all outside influences. They were a mainly a peaceful people who tended to avoid confrontation unless threatened. They had a strong leader called Tecumseh, who even today holds influence with the Shawnee people.

Is Shawnee a boy or girl name?

Shawnee Origin and Meaning The name Shawnee is a girl’s name of Native American origin.

How do you spell Shawn for a girl?

Sean, Seanna, Shana, Shanna, Shauna, Shaunda, Shaunice, Shaunna, Shaunte, Shawna, Shawnda, Shawnee, Shawnna, Shawnte and Shonna are the prominent variation forms of Shaun.

Is the Shawnee Tribe still alive?

The Shawnee Tribe is a federally recognized sovereign nation with about 3,200 tribal citizens as of 2020. Shawnee citizens reside not only in Oklahoma, but also live and work throughout the world.

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