Where does the Hatcher family live?

Where does the Hatcher family live?

College Grove, Tennessee
Nat Geo Wild will give viewers a glimpse of life on a working dairy farm in its new documentary series, “Hatcher Family Dairy,” premiering this summer. The series introduces the Hatcher family of Hatcher Family Dairy in College Grove, Tennessee, a sixth-generation farming and veterinary family.

How many acres is Hatcher family farm?

The purchase of the 253-acre farm allows the family-operated business to grow its successful milk processing, pasteurizing and bottling operation as well as take on other ventures, said Charles Hatcher, co-manager of Hatcher Family Dairy.

Where is the Hatcher farm located?

Hatcher Family Dairy – Franklin, Tennessee.

Where is the Hatcher family dad?

He lives on the family farm in College Grove (est. 1831) with his wife of forty years, Sharon.

Who are the people on the Hatcher family farm?



What does Jennifer Hatcher’s husband do for a living?

Farm Family: Jennifer and her husband, Chuck Yoest, both have off-farm jobs (as a vet and wildlife officer, respectively) in addition to working for the Hatcher Family Dairy, run by Jennifer’s parents, uncle, brother and other family members.

What does Dr Jennifer Hatcher husband do for a living?

How many cows does Hatcher Dairy Milk?

92 cows
Rain or shine, holiday or weekday, the Hatchers are milking 92 cows – Brown Swiss, Jerseys and Holsteins – twice a day, at peak production yielding up to 6,000 gallons a week to be quickly cooled down, pasteurized and bottled for customers to buy within a day or so.

How old are the Hatcher family?

Farming Since 1831 The Hatcher Family is very proud of our heritage. Since 1831, six consecutive generations have continued the family farm. We are committed to the core values of faith, quality, integrity and stewardship handed down by our forefathers over 175 years ago.

What happened to the dad on Hatcher Family Dairy?

Where is he? Is Jennifer married? Nancy Deane Anderson Charles and Jennifer’s dad has a full time job off the farm as the Commissioner of Agriculture for the state of Tennessee! Jennifer is married and her husband has a full time job off the farm as well.

Who is Jennifer Hatcher?

Jennifer Hatcher serves as FMI’s Chief Public Policy Officer and Senior Vice President, Government and Public Affairs, overseeing federal, state and regulatory efforts on public policy, legislative and political issues impacting the supermarket industry.

Is Dr Hatcher DVM married?

Hatcher and his wife, Sharon, have two children who also have gone into agriculture: Jennifer Hatcher and Charles Hatcher.

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