Where do you get the Thames Clipper?

Where do you get the Thames Clipper?

Thames piers from west to east

Pier | Zone Address
London Bridge City | Central The Queen’s Walk, SE1 2QP
Tower | Central Lower Thames Street, EC3N 4DT
Canary Wharf | Central or East Docklands, E14 8RR
Doubletree Docklands | East 265 Rotherhithe Street, SE16 5HW

Which pier is closest to the Shard?

London Bridge City Pier
London Bridge City Pier (sometimes also called “London Bridge Pier”) is on the south bank of the River Thames, beside London Bridge and HMS Belfast.

Where does the Clipper boat stop?

Uber Boat by Thames Clippers stops at 23 piers along the Thames between Woolwich (Royal Arsenal) Pier in the East and Putney Pier in the West. Services run from early in the morning until late at night 7 days a week. Like the tube, the river is divided into zones: West, Central and East.

Can you get an uber boat from the embankment?

Most RB1 services during weekday peak times and weekends only call at Embankment Pier on their westbound journey, but you can still travel east aboard these services….River Bus service patterns.

First boat Last boat
Weekends 09:01 22:11

Is London Bridge a city?

City of LondonSouthwarkCentral LondonSE postcode area
London Bridge/Location

Can you use Travelcard on Thames Clipper?

Travelcards. You get 1/3 off the Thames Clippers River Bus and most sightseeing River Tours if you have a Travelcard. If your Travelcard is on your Oyster card, touch in on the yellow card reader to get the discounted fare. If you have a paper ticket, you need to show it to staff when buying your ticket.

Did Uber buy the Thames Clippers?

Uber and Thames Clippers will formally announce a partnership later this summer to launch Uber Boat by Thames Clippers. This is a partnership and there is no change in ownership for Thames Clippers; AEG, owners and operators of The O2, own the majority stake in the company.

How fast do the Thames Clippers go?

Fleet. Thames Clippers operates 16 high-speed catamarans with a maximum speed of 28 knots (32 mph) , plus a more conventional catamaran for the Hilton ferry.

Is there a toilet on the uber boat?

Toilets. There are toilets with accessible facilities on board most of the fleet. Our larger boats also have baby changing tables.

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