Where do most Assyrians live in the US?

Where do most Assyrians live in the US?

The largest Assyrian diaspora is located in Metropolitan Detroit, with a figure of 150,000. High concentrations are also located in Phoenix, San Jose, Modesto, San Diego, Los Angeles, Turlock, and Chicago among others.

How many Assyrians are in the United States?

An estimated 500,000 Chaldeans/Assyrians reside throughout the United States, particularly in Arizona, California and Illinois. The population enjoys steady growth thanks to a constant influx of Christian refugees who have fled Iraq in the face of religious persecution.

Where do most Assyrians live?

northern Iraq
Most of the world’s 2-4 million Assyrians live around their traditional homeland, which comprises parts of northern Iraq, Syria, Turkey and Iran. In recent years, many have fled to neighboring countries to escape persecution from both Sunni and Shiite militias during the Iraq War and, most recently, by ISIS.

Where do most Assyrians live in Chicago?

Today, Assyrians live all over Chicago. The main population is concentrated in Rogers Park, Albany Park, Skokie, Lincolnwood, Morton Grove, and Des Plaines. There are more than 20 Assyrian organizations and churches in the Chicago area.

How many Assyrians live in Chicago?

100,000 Assyrians
There are more than 100,000 Assyrians living in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs.

How many Assyrians live in Canada?

Assyrian population by country

Centres of Assyrian population Estimation(s) Article
Canada 23,000–38,000 Assyrians in Canada
Iran Up to 50,000 Assyrians in Iran
Turkey 22,000–26,000 Assyrians in Turkey
France 16,000 Assyrians in France

Where is Nineveh today?

Nineveh, the oldest and most-populous city of the ancient Assyrian empire, situated on the east bank of the Tigris River and encircled by the modern city of Mosul, Iraq.

How many Assyrians are in Texas?

Today, Nasseri estimates the Dallas Assyrian population is around 200. He hopes to grow that number by promoting Assyrian events on social media.

What are Chaldean people like?

Chaldean Americans are a highly religious people proud of their Christian heritage. According to legend, they were converted to Christianity by the Apostle Thomas on one of his missionary journeys to the East. (St. Addai, an associate of Thomas, is revered as a Chaldean patron.)

Is Assyrian a dying language?

Per UNESCO the Syriac (also known as Assyrian/Aramaic) language its either extinct or endangered of extinction. The sub-dialect of Mlahso which is part of the Western Syriac family is already extinct. Suret or Eastern Syriac is endangered.

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