Where did ThatGuyBarney go?

Where did ThatGuyBarney go?

YouTube. In mid 2015, Barney and Sky started to record videos together along with YourPalRoss, Aphmau and JinBopGaming. Everyone except for Aphmau and Jin now record in an office building in Washington state with the help of their editor TimTim.

How old is YourPalRoss?

age 25
Ross Botsford (born: July 15, 1996 (1996-07-15) [age 25]), better known online as YourPalRoss (formerly known as House_Owner) is an American gaming YouTuber. He joined YouTube in March 18, 2012.

Where is ThatGuyBarney now?

THE man who played Barney the purple dinosaur is now a tantric sex therapist. David Joyner who spent 10-years inside the lovable Tyrannosaurus rex has now become a spiritual healer after hanging up the dino suit in 2001.

Who is MrTop5?

Nicolas “Nic” Johnson (born: May 18, 2001 (2001-05-18) [age 20]), better known online as MrTop5 (also known as NicsterV and MrTopCraft) is a Canadian-American YouTuber. He is well-known for his Fortnite and Roblox content.

Did Deadlox delete his channel?

Deadlox has moved away from Minecraft completely. His old content and original channel disappeared around 2017 to 2018. He now has a new channel called “Lox,” where he produces family friendly Fortnite content with other creators such as MrTop5.

Why did Bashurverse get Cancelled?

Brandon “Bashurverse” Asher (better known online now as “TOASTY”) was a Minecraft YouTuber who disappeared from the internet a couple of years after his video addressing and explaining his criminal felony for unlawful transaction with a minor.

Where is Bashurverse?

Brandon Dylan Ashur † (September 9, 1985 – September 12, 2021 [aged 36]) better known online as TOASTY (also known as TOASTY TIME, formerly known as Bashurverse), was an American Minecraft YouTuber who used to reside in Kentucky, before moving to Australia.

Where is Minecraft universe now?

He lives in California, but is originally from Grapevine, Texas, and attended Grapevine High School before graduating in 2013.

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