Where did Nia-Malika Henderson go to school?

Where did Nia-Malika Henderson go to school?

Columbia University
Lower Richland High SchoolYale UniversityDuke University
Nia-Malika Henderson/Education
Henderson graduated from Lower Richland High School in Hopkins, South Carolina in 1992. She went on to graduate cum laude from Duke University with a bachelor’s degree in literature and cultural anthropology; and earned master’s degrees from Yale University in American studies and Columbia University in journalism.

How old is Malika Henderson?

47 years (July 7, 1974)
Nia-Malika Henderson/Age

How much is Nia-Malika Henderson salary?

Nia-Malika Henderson’s salary is approximately $100,000 a year. This translates to an hourly average wage of $48.08. This is Per our average wage estimates for a CNN senior political reporter in Washington, DC.

What sorority does Nia-Malika Henderson belong to?

Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.
New Jersey Chapters of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. were co-sponsors of the lecture by (State) Senator Wynona Lipman Chair Nia-Malika Henderson of CNN.

How much does Malika Andrews make?

Quick Facts:

Full Name Malika Andrews
Husband No
Children None
Profession NBA Reporter
Net Worth $500 thousand

How old is Abby Phillips?

33 years (November 25, 1988)
Abby Phillip/Age

Where is Nia Malika from?

Hopkins, SC
Nia-Malika Henderson/Place of birth

What is kaitlan Collins salary?

Kaitlan Collins’s unverified salary is around $100 thousand yearly.

Where was Malika Andrews born?

Oakland, CA
Malika Andrews/Place of birth

Is Malika Andrews related to Kendra Andrews?

Malika Andrews, sister Kendra, reach ESPN from Oakland family dinner.

Where was Abby born?

Abby Phillip/Place of birth

Is Abby Philips married?

Marcus Richardsonm. 2018
Abby Phillip/Spouse

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