Where did harmony balls originate?

Where did harmony balls originate?

Ilado maternity necklaces are inspired by an ancestral jewelry celebrated for years in the Mayan culture. Legend tells us that it would call a guardian angel to watch over the expectant mother and her baby.

What is inside a Harmony Ball?

Harmony ball is a lovely piece of jewelry. It is essentially a chime pendant, so when you move, it emits a soft audible chime that soothes the wearer. Inside the ball, it works like a tiny metal xylophone, with a little metal ball that bounces around to create the soothing chimes.

What is an angel caller?

Angel Callers, also known as Angel Whisperers, are pendant necklaces that come in a variety of designs. These hold a soundball with a chime in the middle that can make various sounds when the pendant is swung. These chimes ‘call’ or ‘whisper’ as a way of communicating spiritually with your guardian angel.

What is a pregnancy bola necklace?

The maternity bola is a delicate and refined jewel that highlights your beautiful curves. Specially designed to be worn by pregnant women, harmony balls are an ideal and original gift for moms-to-be. The sweet melody coming out of the maternity bola will accompany you and your baby during those nine special months.

What does a harmony necklace sound like?

A Harmony Ball pendant makes a gentle bell sound, similar to a metal wind chime bumping gently in summer afternoon breeze.

What is a Mexican bola necklace?

The Mexican Bola, also known as a ‘harmony ball or ‘angel caller’, is a traditional chiming pendant steeped in hundreds of years of Mayan history. Worn by expectant mothers during pregnancy the chime pendant is worn low, resting against the bump so that any movement means baby hears the gentle ringing sounds.

What is the purpose of a harmony necklace?

A harmony necklace, also called a harmony ball necklace, is a pendant worn by an expectant mother throughout her pregnancy. The pendant emits a soft chime sound as it bounces against mum to be’s growing baby bump. Over time, its chime will become familiar to baby who may find the sound comforting once they are born.

What are angel bells?

Common Name: Clustered Bellflower. Try ‘Angel Bells’, a new clustered bellflower that’s especially refined in terms of performance and flower quality. Well-formed clusters of white flowers are packed onto rich, dark green foliage. A little later to bloom than its blue counterpart, ‘Church Bells’, by about a week.

What does a bola necklace sound like?

The bola is like a small cage that contains a copper ball in the centre. The jewel is held by a long cord or chain. When you move, the bola emits a harmonious subtle bell chime, said to calm and reassure your baby.

Can a pregnant woman wear necklace?

When you are pregnant, you should not wear a necklace or eat peanut butter…

What is Divine Angel chime?

Angel chimes, also known as angel-abra, are a form of Christmas decoration popular in Europe and North America. They differ from these, primarily, in being mass-produced from metal and having bell-ringing angels, whereas Christmas pyramids are usually crafted from wood and do not necessarily have bells.

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