Where can I watch The Voice in Russia?

Where can I watch The Voice in Russia?

Watch The Voice Episodes at NBC.com.

Who Won The Voice Russia 2021?

Alexandr Volkodav
On November 28, 2021, one of the coaches, Alexander Gradsky, passed away during the season. At the time of his death, 8 episodes of the show were broadcast, 2 episodes were filmed….The Voice (Russian season 10)

The Voice
Winner Alexandr Volkodav
Winning coach Pelageya
Runner-up Alisher Karimov

Who Won The Voice Russia 2020?

Yana Gabbasova
Yana Gabbasova was announced the winner on December 30, 2020, marking Polina Gagarina’s first win as a coach after four attempts and the first female coach to win in the show’s history. At age 17, Gabbasova became the youngest winner in the show’s history surpassing Darya Antonyuk at 20.

How many countries have their own version of The Voice?

However, The Voice is not unique to the United States, with over 50 countries having their own version of the hit TV competition.

Who won The Voice November 2021?

Hours ahead of Tuesday’s live finale (NBC, 9/8c), the official mobile app for the singing competition appears to indicate that Girl Named Tom (Team Kelly) has won Season 21, beating out fellow finalists Hailey Mia (also Team Kelly), Paris Winningham and Wendy Moten (of Team Blake), and Jershika Maple (of Team Legend).

Who is the female judge on The Voice Russia?

The Voice (Russian TV series)

The Voice Голос
Presented by Dmitry Nagiyev
Judges Dima Bilan Pelageya Alexander Gradsky Leonid Agutin Basta Polina Gagarina Grigory Leps Ani Lorak Sergey Shnurov Konstantin Meladze Valeriy Syutkin
Opening theme This Is The Voice
Country of origin Russia

Who won the Voice of Ukraine Season 8?

Asker Berbekov
Asker Berbekov was named winner of the season. With his victory, Konstantin Meladze became the second coach to win more than one season, behind Alexander Gradsky.

How many blind auditions have there been on The Voice?

Each season begins with the “Blind Auditions,” where coaches form their team of artists (12 in almost all seasons except seasons 1 (8), 3 (16), 18-20 (10)) whom they mentor through the remainder of the season.

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