Where can I buy a Samoyed in Michigan?

Where can I buy a Samoyed in Michigan?


  • James Becklund. Silver Rapids Samoyeds. 517-669-3020.
  • Lori Chapek-Carleton & Gordon Carleton. Sfx Samoyeds. 517-803-7940.
  • Robin Clark. Snobiz Samoyeds. 269-965-0283.
  • Jeffrey R. & Margarita P.
  • Carol Miller. Tall Oaks Samoyeds.
  • Elizabeth C. & Michael C.
  • Lori Wirth-Poirier. Sunkaska Samoyeds.
  • Jill Rae Crisp. 612-298-5609.

How much do Samoyed puppies usually cost?

Samoyeds aren’t exactly cheap, although they are relatively reasonably priced by purebred standards. Most Samoyeds cost between $600 and $1500. However, some – especially those from award-winning bloodlines – may cost $3,000 or more. Samoyeds are generally considered one of the more expensive dog breeds you can buy.

Are Samoyeds worth it?

The Samoyed is gentle and dependable in heart and mind — robust and spirited in body. Samoyeds are usually good with other animals, but with strong chasing and herding instincts, they may take off after trespassing cats or wildlife. A securely fenced yard is a must.

Is a Samoyed a good house dog?

The well-bred Samoyed is an intelligent, gentle, and loyal dog. He is friendly and affectionate with his family, including the children, and thrives on being part of household activity.

Do Samoyed dog shed?

Samoyeds “blow” or shed the undercoat twice a year. They do indeed shed. Even experienced Samoyed owners are continually amazed how their muddy, filthy dogs clean up relatively easily once the mud is rinsed off and the dogs are dried.

Are Samoyeds hypoallergenic?


Do Samoyed dogs bark a lot?

Although these dogs are beautiful, they seem to bark a lot. The Samoyed does have a tendency to bark, but that doesn’t mean you can’t discourage this with training. I don’t know that they bark more than other breeds, but their bark is very piercing.

What is it like owning a Samoyed?

I once owned a Samoyed; wonderful dog. He had a great temperament, although he was a bit aloof with strangers, like all the Northern breeds. Training was relatively easy, and because they’re not a common breed, he enjoyed good health without the multiple diseases prevalent in the more popular dogs.

Should I get a boy or girl Samoyed?

Personality / Character Male Samoyeds are great companions, just like females, but their personalities are slightly different. Though it’s a slight difference, that alone may lead people to choose a male over a female. Males tend to be more playful, but they may have more energy to burn off than females.

Are Samoyed dogs good pets?

Samoyeds are extremely friendly dogs who welcome everyone with enthusiasm and excitement. They are playful, good with children and devoted to their owners which makes them good family dogs. The Samoyeds are a highly intelligent breed who respond best to firm, consistent authority and do well if they are the only pet in the house.

Is the Samoyed breed a hypoallergenic dog?

The Samoyed is a medium to large sized hypoallergenic dog breed that has low dander levels and hardly drools … but sheds a lot! Known for its beautiful smile and fluffy white coat, the Samoyed dog breed is a medium to large hypoallergenic dog.

Is the Samoyed the dog for me?

If you aren’t worried about having the perfect purebred dog, then the Sammypoo is a great candidate for you. The Samoyed Poodle mix has great personal and physical characteristics that would make it superior to most other dog breeds. They are fluffy, affectionate, intelligent, and great with families.

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