Where are most NHL players born?

Where are most NHL players born?

Percentage of Active NHL Players by Birth States ‑ Career Stats

Rk State Players
1 Minnesota 19.4%
2 New York 9.4%
3 Michigan 13.2%
4 Wisconsin 4.9%

What nationality has the most NHL players?

Active NHL Players Totals by Nationality – Career Stats

Rk Nationality Players
1 Canada 461
2 United States 283
3 Sweden 100
4 Russia 55

How many West Virginia hockey players are there?

Number of registered players by state

State Players % of population
District of Columbia 860 0.120%
Oklahoma 846 0.021%
Delaware 796 0.080%
West Virginia 771 0.044%

Why are so many hockey players born in January?

When you are 8 years old, 10 or 11 extra months of maturity means a lot. So those kids get special attention. That’s why there are more players in the NHL born in January and February and March than any other months.

What country produces the best hockey players?

As one might expect, Canada still reigns supreme in terms of which country’s players are the most well-represented in the NHL. However, Canada’s lead is slowly but surely dwindling. Of the 721 players on season-opening rosters, 310 of them, or 43.0%, are from Canada.

Which state has produced the most NHL players all time?

Minnesota Produces the Most NHL Players Born in the U.S. – Minnesota Fun Facts.

Has there ever been an NHL player from Hawaii?

No state other than Hawaii has lower participation in hockey than Mississippi. They haven’t produced any NHL players or even any players who have played overseas.

What month are most NHL players born?

NHL Totals by Birth Month – Career Stats

Rk Month Players
1 February 794
2 January 852
3 July 681
4 March 808

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