Where are Alko jockey wheels made?

Where are Alko jockey wheels made?

250mm Alko jockey wheels are made by Australia’s most trusted caravan parts manufacturer and supplier. Caravaners and caravan manufacturers favour alko Jockey wheels.

Do Shimano jockey wheels have bearings?

most jockey wheels don’t have bearings – just bushes. My experience is that I replace them more because they’ve worn away to disk with a vague wobble around the edge rather than actual teeth the chain can catch on than because the bearings/bushes have worn out.

What size is a caravan jockey wheel?

The 35mm, 42mm, 48mm, 48mm serrated, 60mm, and 63mm. So, for light weight trailers, a 35mm would be the best fit. For larger trailers and some unbraked boat trailers, you would require a 42mm. And heavy duty commercial trailers would normally require a 48mm serrated, 60, or 63mm diameter.

Do I need to lube jockey wheels?

The jockey wheels aren’t designed to be lubbed. If you put much in the way of oil in there it will just attract dirt.

Are all Shimano jockey wheels the same?

Any Shimano ones will fit. Just make sure you get a pair, as the top and bottom ones are different sized. Doesn’t matter about 9/10 speed, they’ll all work.

What size is Alko jockey wheel?

Robust jockey wheel produced by AL-KO. The wheel is made of rubber while the rim is made of steel. The diameter of the wheel is 225 mm and its width is 70 mm. Central hole diameter 20 mm.

Can you replace a jockey wheel?

If your jockey wheels are looking worn out by rust or their teeth have worn away then a replacement is easy. Most jockey wheels can be simply taken off, cleaned, greased and then put back on the bike. If the old jockey wheels are looking worn out then get yourself a pair of new jockey wheels.

What is the SKU for Alko jockey wheels?

ALKO Replacement Thrust Bearing t/s Jockey Wheels . 629602 Be the first to review this product SKU 450-00644 Smooth Things Out With The Jockey Wheel Tweet ALKO 10″ Solid Tyre Jockey Wheel with Swivel Clamp. 623660

Why is my Alko jockey wheel sticking?

Alko jockey wheels include a serviceable part called a thrust bearing. Sticking or grinding when raising or lowering the jockey wheel is a typical sign that your thrust bearing and washers are due for replacement and the shaft is due for a clean. There are no reviews yet.

How do I replace the thrust bearing on my jockey wheel?

Normally when your jockey wheel gets a bit “grindy” it’s time to pull the winder handle off drop the inner leg out and change the thrust washer as it’s safe to say it’s gone at this point. To replace it it’s just a simple matter of getting a hold of a AL- ALKO Replacement Thrust Bearing t/s Jockey Wheels . 629602

What is the diameter of a jockey wheel bearing?

Your Jockey Wheel hard to wind up and down – it could be the Thrust bearing. Easy to install – nice quick fix. Outside diameter is 31.5mm. Inside diameter is 16.3mm. Apply grease liberally when installing.

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