When was the Cartier Panthere watch discontinued?

When was the Cartier Panthere watch discontinued?

The beloved Panthere was discontinued in 2004, and for the next thirteen years, it became one of the most highly sought after Cartier models in the resale market.

Is Cartier Panthere unisex?

Thirty years ago, the Cartier Panthere was marketed to both men and women. In fact, there is some gorgeous photography of actor Pierce Brosnan and musician Keith Richards of The Rolling Stones rocking their men’s Cartier Panthere watches floating around on the Internet.

Who wears a Cartier Panthere?

The relaunched watch has been seen on a long list of celebrities’ wrists such as Dua Lipa, Sienna Miller, Anne Hathaway and Kirsten Dunst. Keep scrolling to see how people have been wearing the Panthère de Cartier for the past three decades, and then a closer look at the recent designs.

What does a Cartier watch say about you?

The ideal timepiece says a few things about you. First that you have good taste and are success. Second that you are sensitive and perhaps a good family person, as well as someone who values tradition. You’ll find a lot of First Ladies wearing Cartier women’s watches, as well as on the wrists of European family men.

Which Cartier watch is most popular for ladies?

1.Cartier Tank Solo It is also one of the most popular rectangular shaped watches in the world today. The watch features a distinctive design with clean, crisp lines. Seen on the wrists of numerous celebrities as well, the Cartier Tank has an unmatched timeless appeal.

What kind of watch does Kate Middleton wear?

Cartier Ballon Bleu
Kate Middleton dons a classy Cartier Ballon Bleu timepiece, while her husband Prince William keeps it simple with the Omega Seamaster Professional watch.

What does a panther ring symbolize?

On planet fashion, a century is something of an eternity. But then in the world of fine jewelry, as in the jungle, the panther is a symbol of power, elegance, and, above all, endurance.

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