When was Si mes vers avaient des Ailes composed?

When was Si mes vers avaient des Ailes composed?

Si Mes Vers Avaient Des Ailes (“if my verses had wings”) is a poem by Victor Hugo set to music in 1888 by child prodigy Reynaldo Hahn when he was 14 years old. It was published by Le Figaro and was a hit.

Who wrote Si mes vers avaient des Ailes?

Reynaldo Hahn
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Who was Reynaldo?

Reynaldo is a servant and spy of Polonius’s able to put up with the latter’s absent-minded wanderings. He is sent to spy on Laertes in Paris and discover just what the young man is up to.

How old is Reynaldo Rey?

75 years (1940–2015)
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Where was Reynaldo Hahn born?

Caracas, Venezuela
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Reynaldo Hahn, (born Aug. 9, 1874, Caracas, Venezuela—died Jan. 28, 1947, Paris, France), Venezuelan-born French composer, remembered chiefly for his art songs.

What did Reynaldo Rey died from?

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How old is Yvette Wilson?

48 years (1964–2012)
Yvette Wilson/Age at death

How did Bernie Mac did?

Comedian Bernie Mac died on Saturday (August 9) of complications from pneumonia. In the coverage of his death, the media has reported that in 1983, doctors diagnosed him with a mysterious ailment called sarcoidosis. The disease—which may infect up to a million people worldwide—affects ethnic groups differently.

Is Reynaldo Rey still alive?

Deceased (1940–2015)
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Is Yvette Wilson alive?

Deceased (1964–2012)
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Did Bernie Mac have any kids?

Je’Niece McCullough
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Who wrote Si mes vers avaient des ailes?

While still a student Hahn had an early success with his mélodie “Si mes vers avaient des ailes” (If my verses had wings) to a poem by Victor Hugo. The song was among a set of Hahn’s mélodies published by the leading music publisher Hartmann et Cie in 1890.

Who is Henry Hahn?

Hahn was born in Caracas but his family moved to Paris when he was a child, and he lived most of his life there. Following the success of his song “Si mes vers avaient des ailes” (If my verses had wings), written when he was aged 14, he became a prominent member of fin de siècle French society.

What happened to Edouard Hahn?

During the Second World War Hahn, who was of Jewish descent, took refuge in Monaco, returning to Paris in 1945 where he was appointed director of the Opéra. He died in Paris in 1947, aged 72.

What did Hahn do after WW1?

After the First World War, in which he served in the army, Hahn adapted to new musical and theatrical trends and enjoyed successes with his first opérette, Ciboulette (1923) and a collaboration with Sacha Guitry, the musical comedy Mozart (1926).

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