When was limited slip invented?

When was limited slip invented?

In the 1930s, Ferdinand Porsche commissioned German engineering firm ZF to create a differential that would help to reduce wheelspin in Auto Union’s Grand Prix cars, as their vast power outputs easily overcame the grip provided by the narrow tyres of the time.

How does a Quaife ATB work?

The Quaife solution The Quaife ATB Differential uses a non-wearing helical gear design that maximises traction by automatically biasing torque across the axle depending on which wheel is enjoying the most grip.

How does a Wavetrac DIFF Work?

At or near zero axle-load, the axles (and therefore each side gear in the diff) start to turn at different speeds. This speed differential causes the Wavetrac® device to step into action: As the two side gears rotate relative to each other, each wave surface climbs the other, causing them to move apart.

How does an ATB DIFF Work?

Under heavy braking, the differential works in reverse and transfers torque away from the locking wheel which delays the application of the ABS and improving deceleration allowing you to brake later than you could when running the standard differential.

What is a Quaife ATB differential?

The Quaife ATB (Automatic Torque Biasing) differential is a unique type of limited-slip diff that substantially improves traction for powerful vehicles using only gear mechanisms. This clever design revolutionised the differential market – offering a superior level of performance and warranties compared to its competitors.

What type of differential do I need for my Quaife gearbox?

When running Quaife gearbox internals and a Quaife ATB differential, we recommend FuchsTitan SYN5 75W90. For a Quaife ATB differential, running in a rear axle, we advise you use a hypoid 90 or 75W90.

What type of gear oil do you use in Quaife ATB transmissions?

For those applications that will accept a GL5 or SAE 75W90 gear oil, we recommend and sell Silkolene SYN5 75W90 gear oil. We use Silkolene in all our own Quaife racing transmissions. What is the torque bias ratio of Quaife ATB Differentials / transmissions?

What is a Quaife limited slip differential?

Rear wheel drive cars with a Quaife limited slip differential become more controllable during oversteer moments, enabling drivers to exploit the full potential of their machines for the first time, leading to a more exciting, rewarding and rapid driving experience.

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