When to kitesurf in Tarifa?

When to kitesurf in Tarifa?

Best time to kitesurf in Tarifa: Between April to October, although it’s possible to kitesurf here year round. Late spring to early autumn is ideal because the air temperature warms up then and the wind is consistent.

Is Tarifa good for beginners?

Is Tarifa suitable for total beginners? Absolutely. Don’t be deterred by Tarifa’s reputation for strong wind; there are plenty of days where the weather is perfect for novice kiteboarders to get out and learn. Of the two types of wind in Tarifa (Levante and Poniente), Poniente is the better one for beginners.

Where can you kitesurf in Spain?

The best places to go kitesurfing in Spain can be found mainly on the Atlantic coast in Andalusia, the Mediterranean Sea and Fuerteventura (Canary Islands). Tarifa, in Cadiz, near the Strait of Gibraltar, is probably the best-known beach in this sense because it is often very windy.

Do you need a wetsuit in Tarifa?

I always use two types of wetsuit in Tarifa depend of the wind: With levante I use now 3/2 and during the sumer no wetsuit sometimes. With Poniente mostly 4/3 but sometimes when day is sunny I use 3/2mm. All winter in Tarifa is with 4/3 mm.

Can you surf in Tarifa?

The most popular surfing spot in Tarifa, situated next to Tarifa Island is a spot for beginner/medium level. Balneario surfing spot is located next to the island, the southernmost point of Europe, ‘Isla De Las Palomas’. Type Of Wave: Beach Break, Rights. There some left waves in the part ‘El Foso’.

What is the nearest airport to Tarifa?

Gibraltar North Front
What airports are near Tarifa? The closest airport is Gibraltar North Front (GIB) (17.2 mi). Other nearby airports are Tangier Boukhalef (TNG) (26.1 mi), Tétouan Sania Ramel (TTU) (33.13 mi), Jerez de la Frontera La Parra (XRY) (56.39 mi) or Málaga (AGP) (76.85 mi).

Can you surf in Tarifa Spain?

The most popular surfing spot in Tarifa, situated next to Tarifa Island is a spot for beginner/medium level. Left side of the spot Balneario is called ‘El Foso’, this part is for the advanced surfers, as the currents are stronger.

Is Tarifa Spain safe?

Tarifa is a safe place. Just do not go any place where you will be the only one on the street or beach, especially at night. There is safety in numbers so if the street is full of people, you do not have to worry.

How do you get around Tarifa?

There are a number of transport options for getting around Tarifa once there. Besides hiring a car, it is also possible to hire a scooter – it is Spain after all. This is the preferred mode of transport for young Tarifenos and the easiest way to navigate Tarifa’s small streets and short trips to the beach.

Why is Tarifa popular?

Tarifa is the Southern most city of Spain, and mainland Europe, famous for its stunning beaches but also for its windy weather. It is one of the most popular destinations for windsports in the world! Tarifa might be a small and old city, but its chilled vibe and cozy atmosphere had many fall in love with it.

Is Tarifa nice?

Tarifa has the most chilled out atmosphere ever. But this is no wonder as Tarifa is the biggest hot spot for kite surfing in all of Europe, and if the wind is good you can rent your own kite and plunge in to the sea! The nightlife here is also bumping with a ton of bars and delicious tapas.

Is Tarifa worth visiting?

It’s undeniable that Tarifa is a fairytale town surrounded by incredible beaches and crystal clear waters. So of course, it only makes sense that Tarifa also has a unique history worth exploring. There are many beautiful churches to enter and visit, such as San Mateo, San Francisco and Santa María.

Where to go kiteboarding in Barcelona?

If you get confused by the detailed spot selection, here is a simple guideline to egt you started: you’ll mainly be kiting inbetween Arte Vida (4) and Los Lances (7) with Poniente and on Valdevaqueros with Levante At some spots you are officially forbidden to kite in summer which is from 15.06. until 15.09.

Does Tarifa have the best kite conditions in the world?

While it took me some time – and a second trip – to get to know Tarifa better, I would honestly say it doesn’t have the best kite conditions in the world. But the atmosphere, vibes and lifestyle it offers is very unique in Europe and attracts not only kitesurf addicts.

What is the best kiteboarding kiteboard?

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