What year did Donny Osmond Soldier of Love come out?

What year did Donny Osmond Soldier of Love come out?

Soldier of Love/Released

Who wrote the song Soldier of Love?

Buzz Cason
Soldier of Love/Composers

What year did Donny Osmond release his 10th studio album?

Donny Osmond is the tenth album released by Donny Osmond. It was released on Capitol Records on April 25, 1989 and was his first studio album since Donald Clark Osmond in 1977….Donny Osmond (album)

Donny Osmond
Released April 25, 1989
Recorded 1988
Genre Rock, dance-pop
Length 50:51

What was Donny and Marie’s big hit?

Donny and Marie Osmond, the most famous siblings of the performing Osmond Family, from Provo, Utah, made their mark in the early 1970 s and are still performing today. A few of their greatest hits include Puppy Love, Paper Roses, and Go Away Little Girl.

Is Soldier of Love Pearl Jam a cover?

The song was later covered by The Beatles during a 1963 session at the BBC, released on the 1994 album Live at the BBC. It was also covered by The Kaisers, Marshall Crenshaw, Pearl Jam, Little Steven, and The Derailers.

Who sang Lay down your arms and surrender to mine?

The Chordettes
Lay Down Your Arms/Artists

How many hit songs did Donny Osmond have?

Also in 1971 his debut studio album was released called The Donny Osmond Album. It peaked at number 13 on the Billboard 200 all-genre chart….

Donny Osmond discography
Singles 25
Other appearances 8

How many UK top 10’s has Donny Osmond had?

As a solo artist, Donny Osmond had two other UK number ones (‘The Twelfth Of Never’ and ‘Puppy Love’). He also enjoyed chart success singing duets with sister Marie, and with his brothers as The Osmonds with hits such as ‘Crazy Horses’, ‘Goin’ Home’ and ‘Let Me In’.

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