What weight can Ford Kuga tow?

What weight can Ford Kuga tow?

750kg 2100kg
Ford Kuga Towing Capacity & Weight

Car Make & Model Max Towing Weight – Unbraked Max Towing Capacity – Braked
Ford Kuga (2012 onwards) 2.0 TDCi (150bhp) Zetec 5d 750kg 2100kg
Ford Kuga (2012 onwards) 2.0 TDCi (150bhp) Zetec 5d Powershift 750kg 2100kg
Ford Kuga (2012 onwards) 2.0 TDCi (163bhp) Titanium 5d 750kg 2100kg

Can a 1.5 Kuga pull a caravan?

At a maximum towing capacity of 2100 kg, the Ford Kuga can successfully tow a caravan or larger trailer. The car accelerates well and it’s very stable at increased speed, remaining under control even when towing a full-loaded caravan.

How much weight can a Ford Kuga carry in the boot?

The Kuga’s maximum payload is 636kg – less than all three of these rivals. The Tiguan can muster an extra 5kg, but the 3008 and Sportage are way ahead on 675kg and 690kg respectively.

What is the towing capacity of a Ford Kuga 2 Litre?

Cabin & Luggage

Doors 5
Seats 5
Luggage Capacity 360 litres
Unbraked Towing Weight
Braked Towing Weight 2100kg

Is Kuga a good tow car?

The Kuga is a very stable tow car at speed. At 60mph it’s solid, and even travelling 10mph faster, the Ford is very much in control. The Kuga put in a solid shift in the lane-change, too, sliding a little at the rear but remaining under control despite some tugging at the back of the car from the caravan.

How much weight can I tow with my car?

To calculate the maximum weight your car can tow, all you need to do is subtract the gross vehicle weight (GVW) from the gross train weight (GTW). This is the absolute maximum weight your vehicle can tow.

How good is a Ford Kuga for towing?

Does payload include passenger weight?

Payload Capacity = Gross Vehicle Weight – Curb Weight You can put 4,000 lbs of people and stuff in your truck. Note: Payload capacity includes passengers! If you’re picking up a couple of friends, you may need to drop cargo to stay within your truck’s weight limit.

Does a Ford Kuga have a big boot?

Having the seats in their normal position gives 412 litres of boot space – not much more than a Ford Focus – but that increases to 526 litres with the second-row seats moved forward, which just outshines the Skoda Karoq’s 521 litres.

Is a Ford Kuga any good for towing a caravan?

How do I find the KERB weight of my car?

The vehicle’s ‘Kerb Weight’ To find out how heavy a car is, you can find the kerb weight in the owner’s manual, as well as sometimes on the V5 registration document (listed as ‘G Mass in Service’) or on a plate located in the car’s door sill.

How do I find the curb weight of my vehicle?

A way to determine curb weight is to calculate it. Curb weight can be calculated by taking the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) and subtracting the vehicle payload or passenger/cargo capacity from GVWR. The GVWR is printed on the vehicle’s compliance label (door jamb label).

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