What was the quickest goal scored against England?

What was the quickest goal scored against England?

Davide Gualtieri (born 27 April 1971) is a Sammarinese former footballer who played as a forward. He scored the second fastest goal in FIFA World Cup qualification history, against England on 17 November 1993. Gualtieri held the fastest goal record for over 22 years.

What is the quickest goal ever scored in football?

What is the quickest goal in history? The fastest goal officially recognized by the Football Association occurred during an amateur match in 2004 between Cowes Sports Res. and Eastleigh Res. 2.56 seconds into the game, Marc Burrows scored the game’s first goal.

What is San Marino biggest defeat?

Their heaviest loss was in September 2006, against Germany in an UEFA Euro 2008 qualifier, where San Marino lost 13–0. As of 16 September 2021, San Marino are ranked 210th and last in the FIFA World Rankings.

How quick was San Marino goal against England?

Within under 10 seconds of kick off, San Marino miraculously scored. It took all over 8.33 seconds and is still the fastest goal in World Cup history.

When did San Marino last win a game?

Since making their competitive debut, San Marino have competed in the qualifiers of every European Championship and World Cup, but have never won a match in either competition. They have only ever won one game, beating Liechtenstein 1–0 in a friendly match on 28 April 2004.

Who scored the longest goal ever?

In 2013, playing for Stoke City, Begović scored a 97.5-yard screamer against Southampton. It was another attempted clearance, as the ball dropped in front of opponent keeper Artur Boruc, taking another sharp bouncing and rolling into the goal. He held the Guinness World Record for the same.

Has Liechtenstein ever won a game?

Liechtenstein’s largest win, a 4–0 win over Luxembourg in a 2006 FIFA World Cup qualifier on 13 October 2004, was both its first ever away win and its first win in any FIFA World Cup qualifier. Conversely, Liechtenstein is the only country that lost an official match against San Marino, albeit in a friendly match.

Who is San Marino’s best player?


# Name National team career
1 Damiano Vannucci 1996–2011
2 Andy Selva 1998–2011
3 Simone Bacciocchi 1998–2011
4 Mirco Gennari 1992–2003

Can San Marino beat England?

Have San Marino ever scored against England? San Marino have famously scored once against England. In their second ever meet up England needed to beat the microstate by seven goals if they were to make it to the 1994 World Cup. Within under 10 seconds of kick off, San Marino miraculously scored.

Why is England blue or San Marino?

The one-off San Marino kit will be worn against England to celebrate 90 years since the founding of the San Marino FA (FSGC) in 1931. The colours have been chosen as they are the colours of the country’s flag prior to the year 1797. “Are you wondering why these colours?

What’s England’s biggest win?

England is one of eight nations to have won the World Cup. England has qualified for the World Cup 15 times….England national football team.

FIFA ranking
Lowest 27 (February 1996)
First international
Scotland 0–0 England (Partick, Scotland; 30 November 1872) (The first ever international football match)
Biggest win

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