What was the purpose of the Doryphoros?

What was the purpose of the Doryphoros?

The Doryphoros typifies the new approach to depicting the human form in the high Classical Period of Greek art. Artists placed increasing emphasis on the ideal man, who was depicted in heroic nudity with a young, athletic body that was naturalistic in musculature and pose.

What type of sculpture is Doryphoros?


What is Doryphoros spear bearer made of?

Doryphoros (“Spear Bearer”), Roman marble copy of Greek bronze by Polyclitus, c. 450–440 bce; in the National Archaeological Museum, Naples.

Why was Doryphoros or Spear Bearer famous throughout the ancient world?

The Doryphoros, or Spear Bearer, was famous throughout the ancient world because it demonstrated Polyclitus’s treatise on proportion. Democracy was developed in the city of Sparta. The central subject of most Greek tragedies is conflict between individual and his or her community.

What is the name of the Doryphoros stance?

The Doryphoros (Spear Bearer) or Kanon, sculpted c. 440 BC, was said to have exemplified those tenets. The weight of the body on one foot, the other flexed and at rest, is a stance called the “chiastic” pose.

Is Doryphoros a freestanding sculpture?

For the most part, the Greeks created their free-standing sculpture in bronze, but because bronze is valuable and can be melted down and reused, sculpture was often recast into weapons.

Why is the Doryphoros considered to be so significant a sculpture?

The Doryphoros, notable for its symmetry and idealized dimensions, is considered as one of the best-known specimens of Greek sculpture from the 5th -century BCE and a picture of ideal manhood. He had to have been created before the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 CE, which buried Pompeii and everyone and everything.

Why was Doryphoros or spear bearer famous throughout the ancient world?

Why did Romans copy Greek sculpture?

Roman artists copied many marble and bronze statues in order to meet popular demand, usually working in marble. Not all Roman sculptures were exact copies, however. Roman sculptors adapted Greek sculpture and updated it to match the tastes of the Roman art-buying public.

What was Doryphoros or spear bearer widely regarded as?

(213 cm.) Created by master sculptor Polykleitos of Argos (ca. 480/475–415 BCE), the Doryphoros, or Spear-Bearer, has long been regarded as an exemplum of male beauty as conceived of by the ancient Greeks.

What does the spear bearer emphasize?

Become a Study.com member to unlock this answer! In his statue The Spear Bearer, the Greek sculptor Polykleitos emphasizes the relationship of the different body parts to one another (b).

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