What was the OPEC Apush?

What was the OPEC Apush?

Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries. An economic organization consisting primarily of Arab nations that controls the price of oil and the amount of oil its members produce and sell to other nations.

What was the Berlin Airlift Apush?

Successful effort by the United States and Britain to ship by air 2.3 million tons of supplies to the residents of the Western-controlled sectors of Berlin from June 1948 to May 1949, in response to a Soviet blockade of all land and canal routes to the divided city.

What was the Rust Belt Apush?

The Rust Belt became known as the nations primary area of the steel industries, which were mainly in the north east and Midwest. Due to deindustrialization the Rust Belt was scattered with abandoned plants and distressed communities.

In what ways did the country expand westward in Chapter 7 Apush?

The French revolution increased party politics and philosophical divisions in the United States which enhanced policies of westward expansion in achieve ideological ends. Disorder in Europe increased agricultural prices, which speeded Westward expansion in the United States as farmers took advantage of new lands.

What action by OPEC had a negative impact on the American economy in the 1970s quizlet?

Oil Embargo, 1973-1974. During the 1973 Arab-Israeli War, Arab members of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) imposed an embargo against the United States in retaliation for the U.S. decision to re-supply the Israeli military and to gain leverage in the post-war peace negotiations.

How did the shortage of oil from OPEC nations affect the United States?

How did the shortage of oil from OPEC nations affect the United States? It created more unemployment. raised interest rates in an attempt to slow down inflation. the government needed to be less dependent on foreign oil production.

What plane did Gail Halvorsen?

Douglas C-54 airplane
His real name was (then) 1st Lieutenant Gail Halvorsen. (He retired as a Colonel.) He liked to fly airplanes. He flew a Douglas C-54 airplane for the events in this story.

Who planned the Berlin Airlift?

The U.S. government was shocked by the provocative Soviet move, and some in President Harry S. Truman’s administration called for a direct military response. Truman, however, did not want to cause World War III. Instead, he ordered a massive airlift of supplies into West Berlin.

What was stagflation Apush?

stagflation. A period of slow economic growth and high unemployment (stagnation) while prices rise (inflation)

What is new federalism Apush?

New Federalism. A term that refers to the transfer of certain powers from the federal government to the state governments. It helped revive the state’s autonomy and power which it had lost with the New Deal.

Where did the westward expansion start and end?

The westward expansion of the United States took place during the 19th century, starting in 1803 with the Louisiana Purchase and ending in 1890 when the U.S. Census superintendent formally announced that the country’s frontier had been settled.

How did westward expansion stimulate the economy?

Because slavery was the backbone of America it helped the expansion a lot. Moving westward helped expand the amount of agriculture that was being produced there for it was helping boost the economy because they were able to make more money because they had more land.

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