What was the first mail-order catalog?

What was the first mail-order catalog?

Montgomery Ward catalog
The modern mail order industry The first Montgomery Ward catalog was produced on August 18, 1872. And while many businesses were already publishing mail order catalogs, it was Aaron Montgomery Ward that is credited for producing the first mail order catalog meant for the general public.

What companies started the first mail-order catalogs?

In 1845, Tiffany’s Blue Book was the first mail-order catalogue in the United States. In 1872, Aaron Montgomery Ward of Chicago produced a mail-order catalogue for his Montgomery Ward mail order business.

Who was the mail-order Catalogues aimed at?

Women were the primary targets of Eaton’s (Toronto) mail-order catalogues, because they were usually the ones who purchased their own and their families’ personal items. The catalogues appealed to them in their roles as housewife and mother, glamorous career woman, and model citizen.

When was the last Eaton’s catalogue?

The last Eaton’s catalogue was issued for Spring-Summer 1976.

What is the oldest catalogue?

What is this? Tiffany’s Blue Book was first released in 1845, making it the oldest mail order catalog in the world.

What Catalogues were there in the 80s?

Some of the best known catalogues available were Littlewoods (presumably the same Littlewoods as the high street shop and the football pools), Kays, Empire Stores and Marshall Ward. The interesting thing about the way the catalogues worked was that they were normally commission based.

Who invented mail-order companies?

Aaron Montgomery
Aaron Montgomery began the world’s first mail-order business in 1872. He was a traveling salesman and realized that he could sell a wider variety of goods at better prices than what country stores were offering. His first catalog was one page long and offered 162 items.

What were the two successful mail order catalog companies?

Montgomery Ward and Sears, both based in Chicago, were the leaders of the early mail-order industry and became giant enterprises through catalog sales long before they began to open retail stores.

Why was the first mail order catalog significant US history?

In 1886, Richard Sears established the first mail order catalog. Why do you think this development was a significant event in U.S. history? Because it allowed people to get things they needed right to their door.

When did Eaton’s go out of business?


Trade name Eaton’s
Defunct 1999 as a company 2002 as a brand
Fate Filed for bankruptcy; assets were purchased by Sears Canada in 1999. Several stores were re-opened by Sears under the eatons brand, but all were converted to Sears stores or shut down in 2002.
Headquarters Toronto, Ontario (with stores across Canada)

Do mail-order catalogs still exist?

Today, e-commerce has largely supplanted mail-order catalogs, but many companies continue to send physical catalogs to consumers’ homes. Some companies have remained entirely virtual or mail-based, while some catalog companies have opened retail locations.

When did Freemans Catalogue start?

The first catalogues mainly sold seeds and books, but soon included clothes and other household items. The leading exponent was Sears in the US. However, Freemans, started in 1905, was one of Britain’s earliest and soon became its largest with over 30,000 agents.

What is Canadian mail order catalogues?

Canadian Mail Order Catalogues is a database that includes catalogues from a number of different stores, both English and French, from the 1880s to the 1970s. Included in this site are catalogues from Christie Grant, Dupuis Frères, Eaton’s, Goodwin’s, John Eaton, Nerlich, P.T. Legaré and Simpson’s.

When did mail order start in Canada?

Dupuis Frères, another French-Canadian retailer, created its mail order service in 1922. Army and Navy, serving the west, began mail order in 1924 and Canadian Tire sent out its first catalogue in 1928. By the 1920s, Hudson’s Bay, Morgan’s and Woodward’s all had a mail order service.

When was the first mail order catalogue published?

The Eaton’s catalogue would continue to be published until 1976. In 1845, Tiffany’s Blue Book was the first mail-order catalogue in the United States. In 1872, Aaron Montgomery Ward of Chicago produced a mail-order catalogue for his Montgomery Ward mail order business.

Was Eaton’s the first mail order catalogue in North America?

While the Eaton’s catalogue was not the first mail order catalogue in North America, it was one of the first to be distributed by a Canadian retail store. It was ten years before Simpson’s produced their first mail order catalogue. By then, Eaton’s had cornered a large segment of the market.

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